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OWCP: The March 2017 Recap!

OWCP (the day-to-day trading of stock, not “the company”) has taken us on a wild ride. OWCP closed today (March 8th) at $1.19 — a 63% drop since February 22nd’s new 52-week high of $3.23. To be honest, the spike to $3.23 was…


OWCP: Do Your DD and Know What You Own

If you’re an OWCP “Long” and survived the blood bath this week — Bravo! Congratulations! If you’re a Day Trader who Shorts or Flips (from last weeks $2.70+ to Friday’s lows of $1.06 – $1.40) — Congratulations to you as well! On the…


OWCP: Still VERY Capable of 1,000% Gains!

Hopefully that headline grabbed your attention. But seriously, NOTHING (negatively) has changed, yet I’ve received several messages this morning.  “Should I buy more?”, “Are you still in?”, “What do you think?” Before I dive into the answers, I want to remind everyone that…


OWCP: New, Veteran Doctor on Scientific Advisory Board

Waking up to a Tweet from OWCP with the word “News” or “8K Filing” is joyous, wouldn’t you agree? This morning, that News Release was about Dr. Sharon Rozenblat being appointed as a new Scientific Advisory Board member.  First, here’s the text from…


OWCP: My Plan for Selling

Today’s blog was inspired by my readers/followers.  I keep getting asked by Twitter followers, iHub folks, and even people I know personally — “So, when do you plan on selling?  What’s that magic share price in your head that will make you sell?”…


OWCP: The Blessing of Some Investors “Not Getting It”

Those of you who have the ability to read through the DD and understand the blatantly obvious direction this company (and it’s stock) are heading… Congratulations. I laugh in utter disappointment with some people’s inability to put things together to form rational opinions.…


OWCP: Who is the new Advisory Board member?

After the trading day on January 26th, OWCP released an 8-K to announce Miriam Sani, MSc Eng. as the newest Advisory Board member. The morning after the 8-K, it’s quite obvious many folks have no idea how incredible this is.  So, let me…


OWCP: Investor Presentation for January

By now, many of you have had a chance to check out the slideshow/presentation on OWCP’s website.  If not, you can navigate it below or open it in a new window and/or download here.   The main thing that excites me was the…


OWCP: Did You Miss The Boat?

Many people either keep telling me or asking me if they “missed the boat”. So, it seemed like a great topic for another blog. Today, January 18th, OWCP closed 1.41% down at $0.69 per share after reaching as much as $0.95 per share…


OWCP: Annual Letter to Shareholders

Waking up and seeing a Tweet from @OWCPharma that said NEWS — I just knew it was going to be a beautiful day. I just wanted to highlight some of the key things I read from the annual letter. First, Mordechai points out…