Those of you who have the ability to read through the DD and understand the blatantly obvious direction this company (and it’s stock) are heading… Congratulations.

I laugh in utter disappointment with some people’s inability to put things together to form rational opinions. So many people (claim to) believe OWCP has seen it’s run and “the show is over”.  (Granted, I think MOST of those folks are the guys trying to scare others into selling shares because who doesn’t want to buy OWCP at lower prices?)

Allow me to recap and reiterate what’s been going on here and what’s likely to go on in the coming months:

  • OWCP has gone through the proper steps to prove their product is effective, safe, and flat out LEGIT.  They’re finishing up studies in the largest hospital in Israel.
  • Yes, Israel — the Medical Marijuana Capital of the World.  Did you watch the CNN special with Dr. Sanjay Gupta? (My link starts the video closer to the point where they talk about Israel.)
  • IRB Approval has likely already happened, just hasn’t been announced yet.  This is an opinion based on the PharmaBiz article from November where they talked about IRB Approval needed in order to move forward with the Study they announced in an 8-K in mid-January. (Don’t get me wrong, it’s possible I misunderstood that and made an incorrect assumption.)
  • Every single person who has invested or is considering an investment should hopefully already know by now:  No Toxic Debt!  Plus, OWCP got some interest free financing when they signed distribution agreements — which they have for Europe and the United States.
  • It’s been said again in the January ‘Annual Letter to Shareholders‘ that the Psoriasis Topical Creme is expected to launch in Quarter 2 of 2017 — that’s as soon as April.
  • AstraZeneca auctioned off their “troubled Psoriasis product” in 2015 for $445 million.  So, seriously, why would a troubled product be worth $445 million… But clinically proven one NOT be worth at least the same?  (If you don’t take any of the other 8 Patents into account, OWCP with a Market Value of $450M translates to roughly $3.20/share.)
  • Industry expert and author, Jeffrey Friedland, has been speaking at Cannabis industry events all over the globe!  He’ll be giving the Keynote Address at ‘The Wall St. Conference’ on March 1st.
  • Speaking of ‘The Wall St. Conference‘ — OWCP was a Platinum sponsor (which costs $50,000) and it was pointed out on January 29th, they moved up to the ‘Diamond’ sponsor — which is $100,000.  Think of the exposure to many, many of the Wall Street elite.
  • Miriam Sani, the newest Advisory Board Member for OWCP, should also indicate how serious OWCP is to obtaining FDA approval of their product(s).  After all, that seems to be one of her specialities.

I’ll stop there.  You get the point.  This is all stuff that’s been going on recently or happening in the coming months.

But, as always, if you have any facts to present to dispute what I’m saying & predicting… Let me know!