As I’ve stated in previous blogs this year — I have, for the most part, tuned out my stock portfolio as I’ve remained very busy building a Managed IT Services company as well as a Payment Processing portfolio & consulting business.

That being said, I’ve continued to have faith that Ziv and OWCP would ‘get us our money back — and then some’.

There are a lot of shareholders who have yet to cast a vote for the Reverse Split or Increase to Authorized Shares. Some of you felt you would vote NO for both, but I don’t think you realize that you’re ultimately voting in favor of your own money losses.

Think about it… Every business in the world needs money to advance their objectives. Publicly traded company CANNOT make things happen without shares to sell to investors. The previous management turned out to be a pile of dung, but now in order to move forward — Ziv is going to need to Increase the number of Authorized Shares so he can bring in some new investors OR he’s going to need our approval to do a Reverse Split.

I personally side with the idea of an Increased A/S as I feel we all stand a chance then to let him execute some new partnerships and get products on the market (revenue) so we can sell shares on the next run. After all, most any new investor would have restricted shares for 6 months.

So, please, if you haven’t taken the time to cast your vote for one or the other — do so at or by calling 844-399-3386 if you don’t know your Control ID or Request ID.

I sincerely doubt Ziv and company will have the means to move forward with manufacturing partnerships without money. Cannabis is very ‘cash based’ and even in the event he does a Licensing / Royalty deal, there’s a chance he has to come up with some cash to get the ball rolling.

If you disagree because you know somebody who will manufacture and distribute products with THC while covering ALL of the costs — please, reach out to me and let’s get them introduced to Ziv.

If you have any additional thoughts, you can e-mail me — [email protected].

I hope you all are doing well. Have a great remainder of 2020.