By now, many of you have had a chance to check out the slideshow/presentation on OWCP’s website.  If not, you can navigate it below or open it in a new window and/or download here.


The main thing that excites me was the Multiple Myeloma page. This product could be a BIG DEAL for OWCP because the survival rate is currently so low and their initial tests and study have had “promising results”.  We read in earlier 8-K’s as well as the Annual Letter about it resulting in 100% of malignant cell death in 60% of cases. The other thing is the reassurance of working towards that FDA approval when they mentioned they will submit an application once they’ve achieved the scientific milestones.

Psoriasis ‘Topical Creme’ is again talked about, obviously.  Expected market readiness is still Quarter 2, as they expect the In-Vitro efficacy study to be completed by March.

Now move ahead to Page 15.  This one has me wondering too if we could be hearing about a product launch later in the year for PTSD, Fibromyalgia, and/or Migraines. This page also lets us know they ARE working on yet another delivery system. Why? Because medical marijuana isn’t just “smoking joints” and you’re good to go. We all react to differently to things.

The other thing to highlight AGAIN is: Debt Free! and “Sufficient funds to complete current 2017 operating and BP”.  I’ve seen a lot of bashers on iHub and Twitter saying (lying) they can’t possibly have enough money to keep going without diluting and that they have toxic debt.  Wrong, wrong, wrong.

All aboard the OWCP train. This coming year is going to be magical, folks.