Hopefully that headline grabbed your attention. But seriously, NOTHING (negatively) has changed, yet I’ve received several messages this morning.  “Should I buy more?”, “Are you still in?”, “What do you think?”

Before I dive into the answers, I want to remind everyone that my opinion is just that — an opinion.  Please make your decisions to buy, hold, or sell based on the information available.

First, allow me to comment on everybody is using OWCP as their comparison for their other tickers. “Could this stock run like OWCP?” More often than not, the companies are night and day different.  When it comes to “legit companies” (not OTC Pink pump & dumps, often with toxic financing and no real revenue), I tend to think in terms of ‘market value’ when thinking of what a company is worth and if the share price is low, fair, or high — in reality, not with the hype.

I’m saying OWCP is very undervalued right now because I’m thinking in terms of market value.  I don’t care about the chart because I’m not a day trader looking to flip over and over again.  I’m thinking of the long term picture BECAUSE virtually every sign/indication/update since I bought shares in October tells me this is a company making the right moves for steady growth into the future.

After the study completes by the end of March 2017 and even more so when we have a product on the market — we should see some sweet gains from today’s share price. The current market value is almost insulting considering what OWCP has in the pipeline. It’s only a matter of time until that corrects itself. Thus, why I’ve been saying these share prices are a blessing.

Again, I’ve pointed out many times why I have $500M in my head — AstraZeneca sold off their ‘troubled drug’ for $445M in 2015.  So WHY wouldn’t a (most likely) superior product, which we’ve already heard via a recent 8K has had “encouraging results” to where they wanted to expand the size and scope of the study, NOT be worth $500M?  Let’s not to forget — OWCP also has 8 patents and other products getting closer to ready.  Again, that translates to around $3.30 – $3.50 per share for OWCP by early Quarter 2. Assuming, of course, product is hitting shelves around then. (I’ll admit, I’m too new to ‘pharma’ to know if that’s realistic.)

So, when I say OWCP is capable of 1,000% gains from $0.60 per share — that’s because I firmly believe once they have their Topical Creme on the market and are getting their next product ready for release, they could easily see $6.00 per share.  That translates to roughly $900M.

AXIM is currently sitting at a market value of $715M with $9K in revenue and a Net Income of NEGATIVE $1.78M on their last Quarterly. Their market ready products are simply “Well Being Food/Supplements” right now. If you look at their chart, you’ll see their run began at the end of October 2016 — on News that they secured financing to continue studies.  They ran from $0.395 to $19.80 in 3 months after that.  Mid-November, they were granted their patent. OWCP has ongoing trials and 8 patents. Again, our trial/study will be done the end of March 2017.

I don’t mean to focus on and make comparisons because AXIM and OWCP are different in many ways, only sharing a similarity of developing Cannabis-based medicine.

So, not to sound like a broken record — but I’m now going to repeat why I haven’t changed my mind since I wrote the blog “My Plan for Selling“.

  1. I still expect News out in February, but this could just be wishful thinking and I have no way to prove it. But, quite frankly, that’s still not monumental for me anyway — that’s just to help you feel better.  No, but seriously, OWCP management seems to be quite intelligent and strategic. Filling us in on some things to get the share price beyond $1.00 before the Conference would be ideal. Some of the big Wall Street guys can’t touch stocks under $1.00.  Some can’t under $2.00.
  2. March 1st, “The Wall Street Conference” — Jeffrey Friedland, our bad ass Advisory Board Member is giving the keynote address.  OWCP is 1 of 2 Diamond Sponsors, which has an investment of $100,000.  OWCP has done $0.00 in promotions to date, but is presumably spending $100,000 to be a Diamond Sponsor at a Wall Street Conference where they’ll be exposed to many, many deep pocket investors who have a clue.
  3. End of March, we’re told the Topical Creme study should be completed. (Watch this video. Around 4:30, they make this statement.)
  4. Multiple Use Topical Creme: Some folks on iHub pointed out the wording of some of the last 8K’s that may have indicated all along that the Topical Creme may be for more than just Psoriasis now. The recent 8K’s have also talked about this study having “encouraging results” which lead to the expanded size and scope.
  5. Advisory Board: Then, after learning about the expanded study, we learn about two more Advisory Board members — Miriam Sani, who has helped companies get FDA approvals for the last 20 years, and Dr. Rozenblat, who is a 15-year veteran dermatologist who has helped create other skincare products.  If this isn’t obvious enough that big things are coming, you’re not allowing your mind to open up.
  6. Quarter 2: We know from the Annual Letter to Shareholders and the recent 8K that the Topical Creme should be market ready by Quarter 2.

Does that tell you my thoughts on whether you should Buy or Hold? Again, YOU need to make that decision because it’s YOUR money. Everything I’ve read tells ME to keep my money in OWCP. It may remain invested into 2018 or beyond — all depends on the growth outlook. Despite $10/share making me more money than I have in all of my years combined, why “settle” for $10/share if it seems obvious that twice as much is possible in 3 or 6 months following?

That’s my thoughts. But, again, none of this is new information. I just felt the need to publish another blog due to the several people messaging me as if something might have changed since Sunday, February 5th.  🙂

Good luck to all!