Upon our search for a new stock, we were able to stumble upon this stock by pure luck! It just so happened to have some characteristics of stocks we like to feature – such as a fairly low float, little or no toxic debt, and overall ‘legit’ company with a clear mission to help make the world a better place.

The company we are talking about is Bemax Inc (OTC: BMXC), a United States company located in Dallas, GA which specializes in selling consumer staples and household products, such as Diaper. The company also markets and distributes household products of other companies.

Due to the increased fertility rate, this presents a huge opportunity for Bemax to enter the market of disposable diaper products. With little competition and high demand Bemax can only go up from here, as they’re tapping into a market that’s supposed to cross $9.8 Billion by 2021 in the US alone. Through a PR on January 11th, 2017, they announced the launching of their first phase in penetrating the diaper market by selling through the online ecommerce giant, Amazon.com. In this same press release, they talk about 100% of their notes as being converted and the next phase of business is to start distributing their products to other U.S. retail outlets for more of an impression.

As of today the float of Bemax is approximately 72 million shares (Admin Warning: This seems to be factually incorrect, but waiting on company to reply. Seems to be closer to 251M), which is certainly low enough to allow for big movements of their stock. As of their Fiscal Year End of May 31st, 2016 they reported a full years revenue of $538,738, which was $0 in 2014. Now tapping into a $57 billion global market, think of the potential that this company has. The growth potential is just getting started as they are adding more retail outlets to distribute to.

Let’s recap the highlights of this stock:

  1. They have a low float and no convertible notes.
  2. They have shown nice growth over the last few years, as they are tapping into a multi-billion market.
  3. They just just announced they will start to sell on Amazon.com and other U.S. retail outlets after that.

Overall Bemax seems like a good, solid company with real products and progress. The key here is that they are making progress in a huge market that’s projected to grow much more. Currently at only a few cents per share, this appears to be a hidden gem. On May 24th, 2016, BMXC was at it’s 52-week High of $1.00 and the company has certainly been doing better since then. Some of the short-term targets around Twitter and iHub is $0.10 per share, with others suggesting far more due to the reduction of outstanding shares and previous 52-week High.