After the trading day on January 26th, OWCP released an 8-K to announce Miriam Sani, MSc Eng. as the newest Advisory Board member.

The morning after the 8-K, it’s quite obvious many folks have no idea how incredible this is.  So, let me try and break it down for you — as I see it.

First, Ms. Sani brings 26 years of unique bio-pharma regulatory expertise, specializing in production and commercialization of medical solutions and compliance with regulatory protocols.

Allow me to translate and break that down:

Ms. Sani has her Master of Science Degree in Chemistry from the Technion – Israel Institute of Technology in Haifa, Israel.  She is a Chairwoman with the German-Israeli Life Sciences Committee.

She is the CEO and owner of a consulting company, “Shefa Amirim” Ltd, which provides regulatory affairs and clinical consultation services for early-stage start-ups in various medical fields. Shefa Amirim provides clients with the requisite regulatory plans, designing and conducting the required clinical studies, CRO services and the preparation of technical files and related services necessary for FDA applications and approval. During the past five years, Ms. Sani has shepherded various projects and treatments in the areas of dermatology, proctology, cardio-vascular, ophthalmology, urology, cell therapy, OBYOGN and IVD’s through both regulatory affairs and clinical studies.

[Ms. Sani will] advise OWC’s management on the transition of its innovatively-developed cannabinoid products and delivery systems developed internally and through its hospital relationships, to full industrial and commercial production, in strict compliance with all local and state regulations and protocols, working closely with applicable healthcare agencies and ministries. Ms. Sani will also supervise all manufacturing facilities of third party licensees to assure for quality control in accordance with OWC protocols that were developed at leading hospitals in Israel, for a steady and long-lasting quality of products and measured dosages.

Also, if you read the 8-K, you probably saw the comments from OWCP’s Chief Operating Officer?

Mr. Alon Sinai, OWC’s Chief Operating Officer commented on Ms. Sani’s appointment, stating that “after investing more than two years in research and development of new cannabinoids treatments and delivery systems, we are extremely excited to move into commercial production of our medical cannabis products. Ms. Sani’s unique expertise and vast experience supervising  such commercialization transitions will facilitate our ability to enjoy a smooth transition while maintaining and following all applicable regulations. We are thrilled to welcome Ms. Sani to our Advisory Board.”

What I take away from this is simple: OWCP has phenomenal and promising products, so they took in an expert who can help them gain FDA approval (and other forms of ‘important approvals’).  If you still think OWCP is not heading far into multiple-Dollar territory later this year… Then I’m just not sure where the disconnect is.  If you have any facts that lead you to think I’m wrong, please let me know in the comments below or e-mail [email protected].  To me, it’s so ridiculously obvious where this company is heading.