2023 UPDATE: This company has reverted back to a PRIVATE company!

Hello Stock Traders & Investors,

I came across CNSC recently and really liked what I saw. It seems as though this company is very much flying under the radar at the time, as there’s been very little volume. I’ve been sitting on the bid for a week trying to buy from $0.27 – $0.30 and finally picked up some shares. I’m sure a lot of it has to do with the fact that there’s only 18,435,000 outstanding shares and a super low float of only 6,300,000 (as of 1/3/2021, according to OTCmarkets.com)!

For the first 9 months of 2020, CNSC already reported Revenue of $679,050. In Q3, they reported $38,921 in actual Net Income. Sure, that’s not huge income — but considering this is the OTC, it’s already a positive and rare sighting. (Source: 10-Q filed 11/13/2020 for period ending 9/30/2020.)

The reason I feel there’s good potential here for investors & traders (aside from the low float) is because:

  • They’ve selected ‘InvestorBrandNetwork’ for their public relations and press releases — which tells me they have some positive things in the works and want to get the news out there. (Source: 8-K filed on December 10th, 2020.)
  • The company announced on December 21st, 2020 that their brand, Xceptol, was approved and included on ‘RangeMe’ — which increased their SKUs and provided access/exposure to over 10,000 retailers!

    This week, RangeMe added Xceptol drops and capsules to the Xceptol pain cream products already available on the RangeMe platform, bringing the number of available Xceptol SKUs on the platform to 10, with additional SKUs coming in the first quarter of 2021. RangeMe’s broad network creates a significant new revenue source for CannAssist International.

I also like the fact that the CEO (Mark) and President (Marla), husband and wife, have put their own money into this company. According to Yahoo! Finance, insiders own 59.67% of the shares.

There are filings showing 1,200,000 shares being offered at $0.75 per ‘unit’ (3 shares) — which also tells me buying for less is “a good buy”.

Mark Palumbo, CEO, has been in the pharmaceutical industry for years and formulated ‘Cibidinol’ in a superior way, as oil-based CBD has limited absorption.

From the Xceptol website:

The Problem  
Pure Cannabidiol (CBD) is not easily absorbed into the body. The products currently being sold use oil-based carriers to provide CBD in usable forms, but the oils limit absorption. This requires manufacturers to use higher doses of CBD to reach potentially therapeutic levels, which increases the product cost. Furthermore, currently available CBD products have varied and unpredictable levels of CBD purity, bioavailability, and potency. Since these products cannot provide a predictable amount of CBD to the body, individual results are also less predictable.

What is CiBiDinol™?  

  • Predictable potency  
  • Reduced dosage requirements  
  • Wider variety of product forms  

CiBiDinol™ is cannabidiol made water compatible. CiBiDinol™ addresses inherent issues with the oil-soluble CBD molecule including delivery and bioavailability and provides the basis for all Xceptol products.   We developed CiBiDinol™ to provide CBD in a format more in line with bioactivity in the body. Using proprietary processes, we combined the CBD molecule with a known penetration enhancer, cyclodextrin. We also modify the surface of the CBD molecule to make it water-dispersible. This enhances absorption through the skin, mucosa, and gut. It also enables administration through friendly dosage forms such as capsules, drops, creams, and drinks.   Put simply, CiBiDinol™ is designed to make the CBD molecule more bioavailable, with greater topical penetration and absorption than traditional oil-based products.

So, anyway. That’s the due diligence that lead me to want to buy and hold for a juicy return — whether that’s in 3 weeks, 3 months, or more.

DISCLAIMER: Like always, I haven’t been paid in any way, shape, or form to write this. I (finally) purchased my initial position on 12/31/2020 and may choose to buy more, sell some, or sell all at any given moment. This may be a mixture of Swing Trade and Long Term Investment, depending how Mark executes. Always do you own due diligence and decide for yourself when YOU to buy or sell.