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OWCP: IRB Approval? NIH Registry? Oh My!

The Form 8-K that was released after the market closed on Friday, February 24th, was ohhhhh, so beautiful. It’s really what many of us were waiting for – at least the IRB Approval part. I’ll be honest, I didn’t even know “NIH Registry”…


OWCP: Ready for its multi-Dollar Run?

We’ve been saying for months that OWCP was grossly undervalued considering everything they have in the pipeline. The go-to comparative “piece of evidence” to support my claim is the fact that AstraZeneca sold off its troubled Psoriasis drug, which was linked to suicide…


OWCP: Still VERY Capable of 1,000% Gains!

Hopefully that headline grabbed your attention. But seriously, NOTHING (negatively) has changed, yet I’ve received several messages this morning.  “Should I buy more?”, “Are you still in?”, “What do you think?” Before I dive into the answers, I want to remind everyone that…


OWCP: New, Veteran Doctor on Scientific Advisory Board

Waking up to a Tweet from OWCP with the word “News” or “8K Filing” is joyous, wouldn’t you agree? This morning, that News Release was about Dr. Sharon Rozenblat being appointed as a new Scientific Advisory Board member.  First, here’s the text from…


OWCP: My Plan for Selling

Today’s blog was inspired by my readers/followers.  I keep getting asked by Twitter followers, iHub folks, and even people I know personally — “So, when do you plan on selling?  What’s that magic share price in your head that will make you sell?”…