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OWCP: IRB Approval? NIH Registry? Oh My!

The Form 8-K that was released after the market closed on Friday, February 24th, was ohhhhh, so beautiful. It’s really what many of us were waiting for – at least the IRB Approval part. I’ll be honest, I didn’t even know “NIH Registry”…


Trump Administration Comments on Marijuana are Good for Medical Sector

Some of iHub’s finest bashers took the opportunity to spin the news from yesterday about Sean Spicer saying he expects states to see ‘greater enforcement’ of marijuana laws. Why wouldn’t they? Their strategy is to be dishonest and scare people into selling, I…


Is There a Green “Wedding/Weeding” Coming for NWAV & RSII?

Is There a Green “Wedding/Weeding” Coming for NWAV & RSII? by Paul George Feb. 21, 2017 Green “Wedding or Weeding” either or, we could be getting some very good news soon on RSII (Rising India, Inc,) and its connection with NWAV (New Wave…


OWCP: Ready for its multi-Dollar Run?

We’ve been saying for months that OWCP was grossly undervalued considering everything they have in the pipeline. The go-to comparative “piece of evidence” to support my claim is the fact that AstraZeneca sold off its troubled Psoriasis drug, which was linked to suicide…


OWCP: Still VERY Capable of 1,000% Gains!

Hopefully that headline grabbed your attention. But seriously, NOTHING (negatively) has changed, yet I’ve received several messages this morning.  “Should I buy more?”, “Are you still in?”, “What do you think?” Before I dive into the answers, I want to remind everyone that…


OWCP: New, Veteran Doctor on Scientific Advisory Board

Waking up to a Tweet from OWCP with the word “News” or “8K Filing” is joyous, wouldn’t you agree? This morning, that News Release was about Dr. Sharon Rozenblat being appointed as a new Scientific Advisory Board member.  First, here’s the text from…


NWAV: Medical Cannabis Sub-Penny Alert! Could it run like OWCP?

Looking for a medical cannabis sector related stock to play the hot medical cannabis sector? Look no further, because I have a company for you that is going to be grabbing a lot of attention in 2017. The PAO Group was a private…


OWCP: My Plan for Selling

Today’s blog was inspired by my readers/followers.  I keep getting asked by Twitter followers, iHub folks, and even people I know personally — “So, when do you plan on selling?  What’s that magic share price in your head that will make you sell?”…