Today’s blog was inspired by my readers/followers.  I keep getting asked by Twitter followers, iHub folks, and even people I know personally — “So, when do you plan on selling?  What’s that magic share price in your head that will make you sell?”

The short answer: I don’t have a dollar amount in mind.  I have a timeframe in mind.

I can’t imagine selling after the product launch (Quarter 3 or 4?) — even if it roars to $5 – $10 per share. (Which, by the way, a couple of respected investors have been predicting.)  I know that sounds absolutely insane considering the current price per share, but it’s been the opinion of many that OWCP is grossly undervalued at even $1.50 per share.  I also realize that selling at $10 would be life changing wealth for many of us who were fortunate enough to buy in at or under $0.15 per share and I definitely expect some long term holders to ‘take profits’ in multiple-Dollar land.

The only possibility where I personally could imagine selling even a fraction of my shares at $5 is if I felt we’d have some big retrace/consolidation to where I felt I could buy back even more shares at, say $2.50. So, it wouldn’t be to sell and move on. To be honest, I still don’t think I have it in me to try and flip because OWCP has too many possible updates on various products in their pipeline. I invested my money in OWCP because everything about them tells me they’re going to continue a steady upward trend.  Again, I repeat: There are far too many positive updates to be expected throughout the entire year (and beyond).

In my opinion, we should see a consistent upward trend over the next several months.  We just saw the 8K on February 1st talking about the ‘encouraging results’ leading to an increased size and scope of the study. In no way could that be viewed as a negative update. You don’t spend more money to increase the size and scope of a study that’s going bad.

I read a post on iHub that suggested the possibility of the Topical Creme being found to treat more than just Psoriasis now. Maybe their increased size and scope is for other skin conditions. I agree. That’s a very possible and exciting scenario. Obviously this is speculation, not “for sure” news.

OWCP Management has proven to be very brilliant. I stick to my assumption that they’re very strategic, intelligent, and conservative people. I think many of their moves, updates, etc. are very calculated. After all, there’s a lot of eyes on this Medical Marijuana industry. Consider it a BLESSING that they want to fly under the radar until the right moment. I’m so confident you’re going to be saying in 6 months, “I can’t believe I was able to buy this at $1.00 in February!” (Reminder, it’s the opinion of many that OWCP is grossly undervalued at $1.00 per share anyway because they have a near ‘market ready’ product that will likely be far superior to the one AstraZeneca auctioned off for $445 million in 2015.)

Again, it’s simply my opinion that we’ll have some other updates in February — strategic updates that lead up to the Wall Street Conference on March 1st in Boca Raton, FL. You know, the conference for big shot, deep pocket investors who will see OWCP as a 1 of 2 Diamond Sponsors. The conference where Jeffrey Friedland, OWCP Advisory Board member and early investor, is giving the Keynote Address.

So, again, to get back to my point: I don’t have a Sell Strategy based on a dollar amount. My plan is to wait until at least Quarter 3 and make a plan after hearing the updates with the Sublingual Tablet, the Multiple Myeloma studies, the PTSD/Migraine/Fibromyalgia possibilities. After all, if we hit $5 – $7 after the product launch — why couldn’t it keep soaring to $10 or $15 towards with proven sales and additional products and progress? Why wouldn’t the growth continue with more products launching? We have to watch the Market Value.

As I said earlier, this is life changing wealth for many of us. So, why risk selling early and losing out on 100+% more? I’m already hearing from a lot of guys when I ask, “Are you in OWCP?” and they say, “No, I sold at $0.05 and have been kicking myself ever since!”

I don’t want to be the guy who says, “I sold 6 months ago at $3!” when OWCP is trading at $8+.

Remember, Goldman Sachs valued GWPH at roughly $8.8 billion. It’s the opinion of many that OWCP will surpass them, as they seem to have more in the pipeline. OWCP at $60 per share is in the neighborhood of $9 billion.

I caution anyone that wants to call me insane for my opinion. I have a collection of screenshots of people saying I was insane when I alerted this stock at $0.05 and said it’d go to $0.20 soon. Then, when I was alerting at $0.15 and saying it’d be at $0.40 soon. When we retraced back to $0.50, I maintained the same opinion — the great big growth has been expected near Quarter 2, but I said we’ll be back to $1.00 by mid February. We’ll see what next week holds. 🙂