I continue to get daily private messages on the forums, direct messages on Twitter, and e-mails about the current state of OWCP. Most everybody is restless considering there hasn’t been an updated timeline of what to expect. (We’d be a lot less restless if OWCP hadn’t run over $1.00 at this point. Then again, if everybody knew all along that “Market Ready” didn’t mean “Ready for Sales”, we’d be more calm now too.)

However, in defense of our Israeli leaders, the marijuana industry isn’t exactly a lemonade stand in an middle class community. Seriously, think about how complex this industry is even after many countries (and states) have come to their senses and legalized. It’s not like marijuana instantly became legal with zero regulation the day after the vote. There are really only a handful of countries with legal medical cannabis at this point — Germany*, Canada (with prescription), Argentina, Australia, and Czech Republic to name a few. (You can see a full listing across the globe here.) Obviously there are getting to be more and more states within the United States of America that have legalized, but it’s still federally illegal — which, again, creates a unique and complex problem for companies like OWCP, who will need a specific distribution and manufacturing partner in EACH state as things cannot be manufactured in California and shipped to, say, Colorado or North Dakota. OWCP will ultimately need a partner in each country or state until things loosen up above across the globe.

*Remember, OWCP already has a ‘Strategic Relationship‘ with Germany-based mediq Innovation Experts.

So, while we all want a timeline to sales — I suspect OWC has been diligently working on creating those relationships. After all, they publicly announced that they filed for a Patent in the United States and Europe already for the reason of being able to continue with negotiations. Once those patents were filed, it’s my belief that the company then continued to meet with prospects and/or work out the details of a partnership. But, again, it all takes time. (I’m familiar with this as I sold my own small tech business and it took a few months of back and forth to hash out the details and sign papers.)

By the way, I actually stumbled upon indisputable evidence that OWC has filed for a patent in other countries — but I’m choosing not to make that public at this time because I feel management has a strategic reason behind waiting to announce. (Hell, most of you act like you don’t care about anything except “When will products be available for sale!?” — and you’ve made it crystal clear to me, the forums, Twitter, and even management in Israel.) But, just to drop a hint: I’m likely referring to some of the countries I mentioned above – where Marijuana is legal for medical use.  😉

My Theory on Cannabis FN:

It’s simply my personal theory (which means I admit I could be wrong and I have zero evidence to support this as fact) that we haven’t seen anything else from CannabisFN.com because most shareholders pissed and moaned about the Dr. Rozenblat video for one reason or another. Again, everybody is so fixated on ONLY wanting to hear about a product launch date that anything less than that is garbage. I bet Dr. Hirsch came onboard and saw the frustrations of shareholders overall and the negative response to the video, saw that it resulted in another Red day, and said, “What’s the point of paying CFN to make more videos when the shareholders clearly don’t care?” Thus, in my opinion, they made a decision to suspend the CFN work until later when their deals were made.

Canadian Cross-Listing:

I happen to be aware of another company that’s in the process of “going public” by taking over an OTC shell. It’s taken beyond two months since I first heard they were working on ‘going public’ and now they’re in the home stretch and should be ready soon. Point is, OWC (ironically) made their announcement about looking into a cross-listing scenario around the same day as this other company started seeking private placement investors prior to ‘going public’. So, to me, it’s reasonable to think they COULD have an update for us within the month of August. I hope they pull the trigger too because the OTC Market is very, very shady. Hopefully a cross-listing will help reduce manipulation AND bring in new investors. Maybe once OWCP is being traded on a Canadian Exchange, we’ll hear about a Patent Filing or a Partnership. Just a hunch and a hope.

Summary & Final Thoughts:

As my headline states, I feel I’ve connected the dots. While most of you are angry and Tweeting about OWC “not doing a damn thing” lately, I strongly disagree. Sure, I’m uncomfortable with where my portfolio is compared to where it was at the end of February or early March, but the blog I wrote back in early February stated I was holding my shares for what I felt could come by October/November (maybe a bit later). So, I have to take deep breaths and remind myself of that.

All of the news/updates we’ve had since May tell me the company is gearing up towards success. I still firmly believe we’ll see much higher share prices by End of Year. Honest to God, I hope for everybody’s sake OWCP does rise to a minimum of $4.00 by then because some of you admitted to buying at $2.80 before averaging down. I really, really don’t think $4.00 is unreasonable considering that’s an approximate Market Cap of $546 million and I really think the Topical Cream will have a $1 Billion value (in time) by itself considering it had proved to reduce Psoriasis markers by up to 70% AND it was found to be useful on many other skin disorders and conditions.

Again, to me, Patents filed in at least 4 countries tells me they’re negotiating with companies in at least 4 countries at this time. OWC then stepped it up a notch and added a new CFO from a NASDAQ company and then added a Chairman with 20+ years experience, most recently with a NASDAQ traded Pharmaceutical company recently worth over $400M — who he is still with from what I can tell. This new Chairman, by the way, is apparently good with raising money as well as Mergers & Acquisitions.

Well, Mr. Chairman, I had a dream back in January that OWCP and all of its Intellectual Property was acquired for $24/share ($3.5B Market Cap) in November 2017 after having even more great success with their Multiple Myeloma study — which, by the way, should be completed by September 2017 as well.

That. Wouldn’t. Suck.  🙂

As always, decide for yourself if you can be patient enough to hold or buy. It’s your money.