Most of you have heard about TMPS and the many obvious reasons they’re definitely undervalued at $0.35/share — but now with the latest OTC QB Certification being published today at, we have even more information on who owns this hidden gem!

Christopher D. Brady is the Managing Director of Chart Venture Partners, who happens to be a $100M venture capital fund, and Chart Capital Partners, who, according to their website, typically invests in defense related companies with at least $5 million cash flow and they generally look to invest between $10M – $50M per transaction. You can read more about him from Bloomberg.

Peter A. Cohen is a former CEO of Shearson Lehman Brothers. Today, Cohen serves as Chairman & CEO of Cowen, Inc. ($COWN), which is a NASDAQ company with a Market Cap over $500M. In 1988, Cohen was a key player in the leveraged buyout of RJR Nabisco. Read more about Mr. Cohen here.

John G. Gulbin III serves as the Chief Financial Officer of Orion Air Group, LLC. Mr. Gulbin also served as a Senior Vice President of Aircraft Finance for Lehman Brothers, Inc., where he successfully completed more than $4 billion in aircraft securitizations! Read more from Bloomberg.

Johan Eliasch is the Swedish Billionaire we already spoke about, but you can read a lot about him from Wikipedia.

It’s pretty safe to say that with a list of Investor badasses, something is brewing. This quickly became a “Hold” stock for many people. Can’t wait to see why such elite Investors all took on such an interest in TMPS and then Johan Eliasch appointed his CFO buddy that has buyouts and M&A as skills on his LinkedIn profile.

Maybe, just maybe they can pull off something big that brings the value back towards $8.00 like it was in late 2015.

Then imagine how many people didn’t give TMPS a second look at $0.35 and how pissed they’ll be that they didn’t read the DD and connect the dots. All in my opinion, of course.