If it wasn’t for a place called iHub, I may not have learned the valuable lesson of doing my own DD. I got started with Penny Stocks in 2012 and was quickly the victim of the Pump & Dump. The Internet, not just iHub, is a place where people spread lies to further their own agenda. In the world of Penny Stocks, you have Pumpers who falsely build hype so they can profit off the gullible. On the other hand, you have Bashers who often seem to mislead and scare people into selling their shares for less and less — likely because they want to crash the stock temporarily as a means of acquiring shares far cheaper before the next run up. Both methods are dishonest in my opinion. But, again, that’s what lead to me learning to do my own research and ultimately what lead to the creation of this site. I wanted to share the truth and make it easier to verify facts.

A certain iHub user keeps insisting that OWCP has no patents or that their patents are worthless. (First of all, which is it? Their patents are worthless or they don’t have patents? Already an inconsistency.)

Being the truth seeker I am, I always try and go directly to a source for comments or information. In the case of the patents, I was able to locate THE actual Patent Attorney for OWCP. Here is the official response to the misleading iHub post:


From: Dr. Joe Wyse, your Israel, the original Start-up Nation, Patent Attorney.

I don’t know who these iHubniks are, but the statement “OWCP hasn’t filed a formal or a non-provisional patent application with the USPTO” may lead one to a wrong conclusion regarding the strength and depth of the IP portfolio.

Let me explain; there are 2 broad options for obtaining patents :

Option 1-Paris route

When a patent is first filed in any country (local application) under the Paris convention, patent applications may be filed up to 12 months from the filing date of that first patent application, claiming priority from the date of first filing.

Option 2-PCT route

When a patent is first filed in any country (local application, which could  be a US provisional patent application ) a PCT application may be filed up to 12 months from the filing date of that first patent application, claiming priority from the date of first filing. The PCT application is an intermediate international patent application and is published 18 months after first filing of the local application. The pendency of the PCT application is a maximum of 30 months from first filing of local application. The patent application may be advanced to the National Phase (including US) at any time up to 30 months from first filing of the local application.

The 2nd route (PCT) has the splendid advantage of allowing applicants to fine- tune their IP strategy by delaying costly and irrevocable patenting decisions in light of ever advancing R&D, Clinical trials and market developments.

OWC has not neglected these aspects as any patent attorney could have attested to by inspecting the public record. iHub should hire a competent patent attorney to check out any company or field of technology in which patents may be significant and upon which they intend to opine.  

In fact OWC have several PCT stage patent families which can be sub –divided via divisionals and Continuations into many other families later on, as well as other earlier staged filings. At present they have many options for global patent expansion and prosecution.

OWC is zealously creating and guarding a formidable IP portfolio, and the iHub statement seems to leave the opposite impression.

DISCLAIMER: All that I have stated above is not to be taken as any advice or suggestion on any particular investment or commercial activity.


My favorite parts are the last three sentences.  🙂

Now, because I’m very grateful for Dr. Wyse’s comments and allowing me to post them publicly for the benefit of the honest folks who seek the truth, here’s some advertising for Dr. Wyse and their Law Firm in Israel:

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