After the trading day on Tuesday, April 4th, OWCP released a Form 8K to update it’s shareholders. As usual, there was more good news in which to reassure us all that the share price should absolutely keep rising to several dollars in the coming months. At some point, probably after revenue has been proven, the stock price won’t be so volatile.

So, as always, I just wanted to do a breakdown and highlight the most important sentences per my opinion. After all, many investors are intimidated and overwhelmed with all the mumbo-jumbo at the top.  🙂

Let’s start with the title of the 8K and PR to follow:

OWC Pharmaceutical Research Corp. Announces World-Wide Expression of Interest in its Cannabis-Based Topical Cream for Treatment of Psoriasis and other Skin Disorders

Recent Clinical Tests Reflected up to 70% Improvement in Proliferation and Inflammation Markers Associated with Psoriasis

Beyond that, we’ll dive into the “meat” of the update and skip the first paragraph:

OWCP’s scientific team, led by the renowned Dr. Yehuda Baruch, the Company’s Chief Science Officer and OWC’s Director of Research and Regulatory Affairs, and former Director of Israel’s Ministry of Health Medical Management Division, previously reported trial results and concluded that post-application of OWC’s unique, active cannabinoid-based topical cream formulation, there was up to 70% improvement in a variety of inflammation markers directly associated with Psoriasis. These promising results have led the Company to expand the size and scope of its clinical study and has led directly to OWC’s receipt of continuing inquiries and expressions of interest from researchers world-wide for more information on the cannabinoid-based topical cream for treatment of psoriasis and our product’s anticipated availability for use in the market.

The Company actively protects its IP and will release the final results, relevant protocols and clinical data after the completion of the full BIO-DATA IP PROTECTION.

Mr. Ziv Turner, OWC’s, Managing Director, commented, “As soon as we announced the efficacy results of our pre-clinical psoriasis treatment, OWC has continued to receive active inquiries from a variety of leading international scientific institutions in Countries like Germany, the Czech Republic, Hungary and more, that adopted or about to adopt MMJ bills. We are currently in negotiations for scientific and marketing cooperation agreements. In addition, we realistically expect product readiness for our topical cream in early Q3 2017 and, subject to regulatory approvals, federal and states laws we will be able to offer our topical cream to those who suffer from psoriasis.”

So, you can clearly see how effective and awesome this cream is with up to 70% improvement. We now know there has been interest from researchers WORLD WIDE as well as many, many people asking when the product will be available for purchase. We know they haven’t released the full details of the study because they first want to ensure their Bio-Data IP (Intellectual Property) Protection is update and completed so it cannot be ripped off.

I suppose some folks will look at the “early Q3 2017” as a step back because many people saw “market ready” in Q2 all along. But, in all reality, “market ready” and “product readiness” are slightly different.

“Market Ready” often means getting everything in place, organized, marketing, packaging design, etc. Lots of initial stuff before production and distribution.

“Product Readiness” is technically the final stage in getting a product actually approved for distribution to retailers and/or consumers.

In other words, the revenue from the Psoriasis Cream sales won’t likely start until Quarter 3. However, you have to remember the great deal they have with Michepro (Europe) and MedMar (USA) that requires those entities to pay OWCP licensing fees every month in addition to an actual royalty of each sale. But, we’ll wait and see what the Q2 report officially shows. I suspect we’ll see some revenue.

All-in-all, this is further proof that patience will pay in the months to come. My original plan to wait until at least November 2017 before I consider selling is still absolutely the plan. If my money continues to grow in OWCP like it has since October, I’ll be VERY satisfied.