OWCP (the day-to-day trading of stock, not “the company”) has taken us on a wild ride. OWCP closed today (March 8th) at $1.19 — a 63% drop since February 22nd’s new 52-week high of $3.23. To be honest, the spike to $3.23 was a bit of a surprise to me anyway. Sure, I’ve been saying OWCP is ‘grossly undervalued’ and that I felt we’d rise to $3.50+ when big catalysts become reality — but the spike to $3.23 wasn’t based on anything specific that I’m aware of.

The run started, coincidentally or not, after OWCP was found to be listed on the first ever Cannabis ETF. Then, there was news of presenting at the Wall Street Conference — which most of the Longs already knew about for well over a month.

So, as expected by many, the decline started. The decline caused panic amongst some who maybe didn’t do any actual research for themselves and felt they can’t afford to lose their hard earned money. As for me, I continued to remain confident. Even today, knowing tomorrow COULD bring slightly a lower share price due to even more panic. Why? As I’ve said in at least two blogs in the last month — I invested in OWCP because I believe in what’s coming starting towards the end of March. I realize if I didn’t have a full time day job, I could have sold my shares towards $3.00 and bought again today or tomorrow and by time Fall and Winter came around — I’d be even wealthier. But, since I can’t focus on the stock market during the day and I can’t play the charts — I wasn’t going to worry about day to day ups and downs.

If OWCP closes at $1.00 tomorrow — It, IN NO WAY, means their future is any less bright. The share price of a pre-revenue biotech won’t change the fact that their stock price will fly high once their revenue is coming in.

Jeffrey Friedland, OWCP Advisor Board, was recently on “PotStockRadio” and did a great, informative, and reassuring interview — I highly recommend you to listen for yourself (he’s on at about the 16:00 mark and talked for about an hour). He’ll actually be speaking at a large Cannabis expo in Israel on March 20th and then at another Cannabis Investment event in San Jose, CA the week after that. But, what’s even more important in terms of the share price is that we KNOW to expect the Efficacy Test Results by the end of March — because OWCP has told us on multiple occasions.

Once again, here’s my breakdown of why I feel my money is in good hands still — even after losing 63% of my profits since the peak on February 22nd:

Research Being Done in Israel:

If you’ve watched the CNN documentary, “Weed” by Dr. Sanjay Gupta, or if you spent 5 minutes searching Google, you would know that Israel is considered THE place for Medical Marijuana research. Why? Because their Government fully supports the research.

Best Cannabis Research Doctor:

There’s no denying OWCP has one of the best Cannabis research Doctors IN THE WORLD. Dr. Yehuda Baruch served as Head of the Israeli Ministry of Health’s Medical Marijuana Program from 2003 until 2013. Read this article or listen to the embedded interview he did with CFN.

Not a “Penny Stock”:

As Mr. Friedland pointed out on PotStockRadio earlier this week (and I fully agree):  OWC is not a Penny Stock in, really, any sense of the meaning. I’m not just referring to the fact that they entered Dollar Land on February 21st.  I’m more focused on the fact that they’re a fully reporting OTC QB stock — not a Pink Sheet stock. (Don’t know the difference? Read about it here.)  Here’s some of the biggest things that makes OWCP different than ‘most Penny Stocks’:

No Debt, Cash in Bank, Non-Dilutive Financing:

Mr. Friedland also said (on PotStockRadio) — OWCP has an impressive $2 million in the bank and NO debt. They recently announced $1.6 million in Non-Dilutive Financing from private investors. That means they sold restricted shares directly to individual investors and effortlessly raised $1.6 million. It’s considered “Non-Dilutive” because those investors CANNOT sell those shares for at least 6 months.

Upcoming News / Updates:

Again, we know the Efficacy Test Results for the Psoriasis Cream is expected “by the end of March” — that could come any time though. On the 8K from February 2nd, they had told “following very encouraging results” at the mid-point, they decided to extend the size and scope of the study. Remember, this series of testing had IRB approval from Israel’s Helsinki protocol before they began at the largest academic hospital in Israel.

OWCP’s own ‘Investors Presentation‘ still states: Expected Market Readiness: Q2 of 2017.

The “Roadmap” of that presentation does list other Creams to treat things like Acne, Basal Cell Carcinoma, Atopic Dermatitis, and more. (Do you suppose that’s what they meant by extending the size and scope?)

That same ‘Roadmap’ page also points out they will utilize existing products like their Sublingual Tablet for PTSD, Fibromyalgia and Pain.  They’re developing another new delivery system.

Their Multiple Myeloma studies are still on-going and their last phase finished May 2016. I’m just speculating in saying, I expect some kind of update in the coming months.

We know they have had 3 signed agreements to consult in the United States. Seems pretty fair to assume consulting agreements equal revenue. Guess we’ll find out on their Q1 Results.

Cannabis ETF could be a completed reality by early May 2017.  According to ETF Managers Group, the company who submitted the SEC application, they help get their clients launched in as little as 75 days.



So, again, there are A LOT of things we will be hearing about in the coming months. The biggest things that should start the biggest run we’ve seen is the Efficacy Test Results and an update/timeline on when the Psoriasis Cream will be available for sale.

Knowing what’s coming, literally any day, is why I’m not worried about the drop down to $1.19 as of March 8th. If you’ve been paying attention to OWCP since October, you’ve seen consolidation/retraces/big red weeks several times. Remember when we hit $0.95 on January 17th and then saw $0.45 two days later?  Remember when we hit $3.23 on February 22nd and then $1.45 the next day? Then $2.20 the day after that? Then $3.05, down to $2.51 the next day?  Just look at the historical share prices here.  It’s just my opinion, but I suspect less ‘violent share price swings’ once revenue is reality.

AXIM had a run from $0.395 to $19.80 in about 2.5 months and they don’t expect their first product to launch until 2018 or 2019.

Bottom line is this: My opinion hasn’t changed on OWCP. I feel confident that OWCP is simply ‘The Baby GWPH’. If you’re patient and let OWCP do their thing — they will accomplish many things and $3.00 will be considered a “gift”.

If you invested in OWCP for what you thought would happen when they started selling their Psoriasis cream — do yourself a favor and try not to stress about the day-to-day stuff. But again, at the end of the day, do your own DD and make decisions for yourself. I strongly urge you to listen to the interviews and read the filings for yourself.

If you’re an “investor” here — Know what you own. Be confident. Be patient. What has happened with THE COMPANY that makes you feel less confident in their future? Comment below or e-mail me.