Many people either keep telling me or asking me if they “missed the boat”. So, it seemed like a great topic for another blog.

Today, January 18th, OWCP closed 1.41% down at $0.69 per share after reaching as much as $0.95 per share just yesterday (but closing at $0.6999). Oh well. Many say it’s healthy consolidation. Whatever. I personally am not basing my Buy, Hold, or Sell opinion by a chart. The chart has no idea when the next big news is coming out.

I’m a fan and investor in OWCP because of what they’re working towards accomplishing. They’ve met their goals last year and are on track to meet their product launch goal for Q2/Q3 of 2017. That’s why I’m not selling in February or March — no matter how high things get.

My opinion hasn’t changed since the beginning. OWCP should continue to ‘correct its market value’ prior to product launch because it’s seriously undervalued if you really put it all together.

Here’s how I came up with my $500M valuation (which, is quite possibly very conservative):

  1. OWCP has 8 Provisional Patents. These patents all have value. Usually you wouldn’t waste your time patenting something that’s worthless. What kind of value? No idea, obviously.
  2. OWCP had IRB approval and therefore moved forward on a research agreement with the largest hospital in Israel. That tells me their product has obvious indications of being effective.
  3. The “efficacy test” results are due back by end of January of their Psoriasis product. Due to the IRB approval, naturally we’re all expecting good test results.
  4. OWCP’s Psoriasis Cream is expected to ship by Quarter 2 or 3 of 2017.  AstraZeneca auctioned off their “troubled” Psoriasis product for $445M in 2015. So, OWCP’s presumably superior product should be worth at least $450M, right?
  5. OWCP has NO TOXIC DEBT.  That was announced in an 8-K back in October. (This isn’t some OTC Pink Sheet operation.)  They have real investors.  That same October 8-K talks about a $300,000 non-interest bearing loan.  They have royalty-based distribution deals with MedMar and Michepro, because the distributor obviously has confidence too.
  6. OWCP has a promising Multiple Myeloma product.  The PR from March 2016 stated, “(OWCP’s) in-vitro testing indicated that specific formulations of CBD and THC decreased survival of multiple myeloma cells in a concentration-dependent manner, and resulted in 100% malignant cell death in 60% of cases. This formulation will now be tested in a pre-clinical, IRB approved protocol on mice in an effort to duplicate those results.”
  7. OWCP announced in October that they completed the development of a Medical Cannabis Sublingual Tablet — perfect for those who cannot smoke Marijuana, but also a way for prescribing Doctors to ensure accurate and consistent dosages.

I’m going to cut myself off there.  This is starting to sound a lot like my “Year End Recap” post.

I fully intend on buying more stock in OWCP by end of the week (when funds settle with E*TRADE). If I’m forced to buy at $1.00 — that’s fine because, again, I sincerely believe $2.00/share (100% gain) is still VERY undervalued based on the reasons stated above. After all, $500M Market Value is about $3.50/share.

I really, really think if OWCP continues on the path they’re on — we could definitely hit $10 – $20 per share by the end of 2017, as that’s just catching up with GWPH’s $3B Market Value. If all goes well, OWCP should have more products on the market by the end of 2017.

Obviously if their products fail clinical trials and need more and more research (set backs), they won’t surge to $10 per share. But, I remain optimistic based on their progress the last 12 months.

So, did you miss the boat? It’s my opinion that the boat is still being loaded and isn’t departing for a few months. 🙂