OWCP has taken a hit like most of the Marijuana sector.  Why?  I don’t know.  Stoners want to pull their cash because somebody (incorrectly) said that the market would crash if Trump was elected?  (P.S. It’s been Green the last two days since Trump won the Presidency.)

Does the recent downward PPS scare me?  Hell no.  Anybody who has read the DD and sees the massive potential in Cannabis pharmaceuticals knows OWCP is still just as destined for Dollar land as they were when they hit a new 52-week High.

Since the new 52-week High was hit, there has been more POSITIVE news.

For starters, OWCP signed a new $300,000 Investment & Joint Venture deal with Michepro Holdings, which will have an initial focus on the Psoriasis treatment in the European Union — which is estimated to have 15 – 20 million patients.

If you read the details of that agreement, you’ll notice this new Investor has the ability to purchase additional stock at $0.25 for a 24 month period and at $0.40 per share for a 36 month period.  If you ask me, $0.40 will be a RIDICULOUS bargain in 36 months.  There’s no doubt in my mind that $0.40 per share will even be a bargain by early to mid 2017, but we’ll see.  Slow and steady rise in PPS is fine.  Sales, which should start in Quarter 2 of 2017, should start a quicker upward trend.

The new legalization that took place across the United States on November 8th only made for a bigger market.

It’s still very much my opinion that OWCP could ultimately end up being acquired thanks to their research & development and their 8 patents.

So, if you all of a sudden got scared and sold or are thinking about selling because of the downward trend that’s taking place (again, across the entire Marijuana sector) — you really should ask yourself, “What has changed that would negatively effect OWCP’s future?”  Nothing.

It’s my opinion the Marijuana sector has been coming down because of how over-inflated it was leading up to Elections.  Some of those OTC tickers were massively overpriced.  OWCP is and was not at $0.20/share.  Why?  Because OWCP is really, truly onto something that has real potential to generate tens or hundreds of millions in revenue OR be bought out by Big Pharma at multiple dollars per share.

FYI, they still only have 135 million Outstanding Shares with an approximate Float of 85 million (as of October 31st), according to OTCmarkets.com.