Eye catching headline, right?  Seriously though.  We have yet another eye opening comparison as “evidence” that $2.50/share is not impossible.  Yes, a stock that’s trading at $0.0531/share as of October 17th, 2016 has the potential to reach $2.50 (or beyond).  The question is:  How soon?

Allow me to introduce Cannagrow Holdings, Inc. (OTC Pink: CGRW) out of Greenwood Village, CO.  CGRW is in the business of leasing space and growing facilities for medical marijuana.  They have a similar share structure as OWCP — 300M A/S and 102M O/S compared to OWCP at 500M A/S and 96.8M O/S.

(UPDATE AT 3:10 PM CST: OWCP’s Amended 10Q revealed the O/S was REDUCED to 81M!)

With 102M O/S, CGRW has a Market Value of $263M as of 10/17/16.  Yes, that was two hundred sixty three million.  Mind boggling, right?  They must have significantly more revenue, right?

Wrong.  Their last Quarterly Report showed $10,000 in revenue and a $95,000 loss.  Their ‘Total Stockholder Equity’ was NEGATIVE $2.95M.

But wait!  There’s more!  CGRW still has Convertible Notes as financing, per their last Quarterly Report.

Based on the financial data, share structure, etc. — there’s absolutely no reason OWCP isn’t capable of reaching these absurd levels of Market Value.  Considering OWCP is launching several Cannabis-based product lines in various multi-billion dollar healthcare sectors (Multiple Myeloma, Psoriasis, Fibromyalgia, and PTSD), I would say it’s quite possible OWCP has the potential to be worth more than CGRW after they’ve launched products into the US market and have generated millions in revenue.  (We can expect their Psoriasis treating product to launch in Q2 ’17.)

In my honest opinion, OWCP isn’t a “quick flip” for 100% gains.  Sure, it’s fun to turn $5,000 into $10,000 in a few weeks.  But this is one of those rare OTC opportunities where I don’t see why that $5,000 investment can’t grow to $50,000 shortly after the November elections (assuming many more states legalize the use of Marijuana and Cannabis-based products for medical use).  After product launches in early to mid-2017, maybe that initial $5,000 investment grows to $100,000 or beyond.

Obviously this is all speculation, hopes, and dreams.  You must decide what you’re willing to risk and how patient you’re willing to be for potentially huge returns.  I’m simply pointing out the reasons I feel OWCP has ridiculous potential.

Bottom Line:  OWCP is superior in several ways, yet still only has a Market Value far less than a handful of other Cannabis-related stocks trading on the Pink Sheets.

P.S.  The “Millionaire Maker” title comes from the fact that several people I’ve spoke to in private or on iHub who have 400,000 – 1,000,000 shares (or more).  If OWCP truly can rise to CGRW’s level, you need 400,000 shares to reach $1M in value at $2.50/share.  Again, CGRW is trading above $2.50/share with a $10,000 revenue, a $95,000 loss, still working with Convertible Notes, etc.