If you want evidence of 10 Bagger potential, simply look at $CBIS.  As of October 11th, 2016, $CBIS is trading around $0.02.  Considering they have just shy of 2 BILLION in Outstanding Shares, their market cap is $39.5 million.

Do they have substantial revenue and profit?  No.  $CBIS reported $44,000 in 2015 revenue and lost $18.6 MILLION.  Their total assets were $1.8 million, but their Liabilities exceed that as well by about 100%.

$CBIS is also trading on the OTC Pinks, mind you.

Let’s compare these financials, outstanding shares, and market cap to $OWCP now.

First, $OWCP is trading on the OTC QB market – a step up from the Pinks with more requirements on reporting.  In other words, usually more “legit”.

$OWCP is currently around $0.05 per share.  With their 96.7 million Outstanding Shares, their Market Value is just shy of $4 million.

$OWCP reported a $1.65 million loss last year, but they’ve been in Research & Development mode.  Their news today says they expect product launch in Quarter 2 of 2017.

This is huge.  There is huge potential for growth far beyond $0.05!  Again, it’s unbelievably rare to see an OTC company getting NON-INTEREST BEARING financing.  $OWCP isn’t diluting either.

Again, it’s pure speculation and opinion, but tell me why $OWCP can’t see $0.50/share in the coming months when companies like $CBIS (and many others) are seeing those kinds of valuations!