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AXXA – An Undervalued Beast-in-the-Making

UPDATE: I ended up selling this stock in February 2024 because management is clearly full of __it. Nothing has changed in over a year (as of 6/6/2024). Maybe the stock price won’t fall under $0.001, but, still… Beware of their repeated claims that…


ASII – Racing Towards Potential Gains

My headline is a bit… Ridiculous. Especially given this stocks performance over the last several months. However, with it sitting near ‘absolute bottom’ — the idea is it can ‘race’ (NASCAR pun?) back out of trips if management gets their act together. ASII…


Mid-2022 Update: Where Have I Been?

I’ve had a few messages from ‘fans and followers’ on Twitter and via e-mail over the last several months wondering where I’ve been and why I stopped doing blogs. Some of you knew I was a business owner dating back to 2000 but…


CNSC: Low Float, Revenue, Income, Growth, and Big Potential

2023 UPDATE: This company has reverted back to a PRIVATE company! Hello Stock Traders & Investors, I came across CNSC recently and really liked what I saw. It seems as though this company is very much flying under the radar at the time,…


OWCP: Shareholders, Your Vote Is Needed!

As I’ve stated in previous blogs this year — I have, for the most part, tuned out my stock portfolio as I’ve remained very busy building a Managed IT Services company as well as a Payment Processing portfolio & consulting business. That being…


OWCP: The Return of Ziv Turner

OWCP filed a Form 8-K today (June 24th, 2020) announcing that Mr. Riterband has resigned and Ziv Turner, one of the original One World Cannabis founders is back as CEO. Some may think of this as unsettling because of the legal stuff that…


NXEN: Still Holding. Still Waiting.

I’ve held onto shares of both NXEN and OWCP dating back a couple of years now. Yes, I still believe in a longer term outcome of success for both. Though, as I’ve said in the last few blog posts — I will gladly…


OWCP: The December 2019 Run and Beyond

Well, well… It feels good to be “back”. Granted, I’m far from being back to watching stocks all day, every day. As I revealed in my “Breaking the Silence” post back in July — I’ve been holding more than 200,000 shares of OWCP.…


Breaking My Silence

Hello, After receiving an e-mail today stating “many people made decisions based on what you were writing”, I decided it was time to break my silence. First of all: Shame on anyone who based buy/hold/sell decisions solely based on my writing. I’ve made…


OWCP: My Thoughts on the Proposed Reverse Split

I’ve had at least a dozen people ask me what I thought about the reverse split. (Disclaimer: I’m still a shareholder and have been since October 2016. I obviously reserve the right to buy, hold, or sell at any point based on my…