Today OWCP reached a new 52-week Low at $0.182. It’s definitely possible tomorrow could be just as ugly. I don’t know why we’re seeing a rise in volume. I can only speculate it’s the “$5M investor” dumping some shares OR a couple of other bigger holders have finally had enough of this waiting in silence. Seriously, no idea.

As I was just writing a long comment in response to a couple fellow shareholders saying how they missed out on a few thousand in profits back in February 2017 and continue to hold in the Red because there’s no point in taking the loss at this point.

Time For Some Honesty

For me, even though it’s embarrassing and I may harm any “reputation” I have (Oh, well! Honesty is always the best policy!), I will admit that I could have profited SIX FIGURES on the run to $3.23 back in February 2017. This is the most expensive mistake of my life and now being older and wiser, I can only hope it will always be the most expensive of my life. I genuinely feel I learned a lot in the last year and a half that I can’t let something like this happen again.

The liars, pumpers, manipulators, etc. are truly the reason for this website. I learned to become a fact checker in 2010 or so thanks to politics. I couldn’t stand not knowing the truth, so I was determined to find it. I applied that same logic to stocks and decided it was a good idea to share the facts and information with other newbies in hopes they wouldn’t experience the same type of devastation I have — so far.

Back in late January or early February 2017, I was talking to some fellow shareholders and saying how I would likely be targeting $2.50 – $3.00 for a selling point once the Topical Cream was “legit” and the company rose in value as a result. They all told me, “Why sell so soon? This is biotech… We’ll see $5 by Spring and maybe $10 by Fall! I’ve been it a million times! Biotech is truly unique!”

I believed it. This is why I’m VERY skeptical of most any “pumper” now days and why YOU should be too. As I’ve said in my own articles — I want you to be skeptical of me even. I want you to click the links, check out my sources, and read things for yourself. It’s YOUR money and you absolutely have to feel comfortable investing in something or it’ll cause you to be a trainwreck.

February 2017 was a little over 2 years since I lost a 4-month-old (twin) daughter after a long, emotional journey to even become a father. It wasn’t long after the Children’s Miracle Network radiothon — so I was pumped to make all this money selling at $4.00 – $5.00 (if it happened) like these supposed biotech experts were claiming. I was (and still am) determined to present a $100,000+ check to this Children’s Hospital.

The dream of big profits started pissing down my leg. But remembered why I invested to begin with and felt certain we would see $3.00 again down the road once the Topical Cream was clinical proven and available for sale.

As you saw if you read my most recent blog — I’m still holding. I still own the shares I bought in 2016 and 2017. I sold a small amount of shares and ONLY because I intended on using that “idle money” to profit on some other swing trades so I could buy back MORE shares in OWCP before it “took off”.

As of today, that ‘strategy’ might work out — other than I lost out on my Capital Gains tax rate on those shares in the event I sell the OWCP shares I re-buy before 1 year. Which, by the way, I did re-buy about 1,980 shares today at $0.1885 and hope to buy more if it stays under $0.23 while I exit those other positions. Then again, I may finally diversify more. We’ll see.

So, again, learn from the mistakes of all fellow traders and investors. I’ve never claimed to be a trading expert or a Warren Buffet in the making. I’ve only ever posted blogs highlighting the facts from SEC documents and what appeared to be legit articles and sources — and then cited those sources like any responsible “journalist” would.

Anyway. I just felt like sharing a “reality check” of my personal roller coaster because I know one a-hole on iHub continues to call me a paid pumper and a scam. Complete nonsense. I’ve never been paid in ANY WAY to write articles. The articles I’ve written were simply the stocks I was personally researching (because I owned shares) and I wanted to share that research and truly encourage people to do their own Due Diligence!

As for being a scam or a pumper, I don’t know how I can scam people by copy/pasting SEC documents and putting key sentences in bold to draw attention to them. I don’t know how I can scam people by linking to the actual Patent website and copy/pasting words from it. When this individual would continuously lie about the patent process, I took it upon myself to find out who OWC’s patent lawyer was and I reached out to him — as many of you saw. Again, I go to “the fountain itself for my water.” At any rate, I brush it off. We all know this individual has some kind of strange agenda and that’s exactly why I think iHub is a terrible place — especially for newbies. Not just because of liars/bashers, but honestly, because of the real pumpers who have no sources for their claims — they just keep saying, “It’s kaboom time!” and “Get onboard, because we’re going to the moon!”

Always, always, always be cautious. Stocks in the nutty OTC Markets can and do see 100% and 1,000% gains — but the guys saying, “To the moon” are usually the ones making the most money. The bashers have their own way to make money off the gullible.

So, worry about you. Do your own due diligence. Always take (some) profit on the way up. Always diversify. Learn from my mistakes above — I know I will. I just hope I don’t beat myself up over this forever. I maintain honest-to-God faith that OWC can see much greener days once their Cream and/or Pill is selling or they finish FDA approval.

For everybody holding… I pray our profits come in 2018.

P.S. I always used to dream of ‘retiring’ and doing trading/investing full time to where I was going to create another section on this website called “Pump The Brakes” — a section to call out the pumpers who profit at the expense of gullible. It’s one thing to take profits on a run, but it’s another thing to deliberately lie about how high a stock is going to go so you can exit before that point. Maybe that section will still come. My day job and family limit my time and since family is #1, I have to find a way to get rid of the day job if I want to make time for this stuff.  🙂