After getting in and out of $AQXP within a couple of days ($2.71 to $2.88 personally), I saw Jason Spatafora bringing attention to $BLEVF, as it historically bounced around this range ($1.06 was my entry) to as much as 50% gains last time. Then, I got a random message about $TSOI being a nice, low float stock with a bunch of granted patents and even some FDA approvals. Before putting in a Buy order, I did some basic DD. (I added $TSOI at $0.017)

This blog won’t be very in depth, but I wanted to at least share the ‘basic DD’ that made me want to buy shares today.

Therapeutic Solutions International, Inc. ($TSOI) is involved in the medical sciences market. We are focused on three different areas within the same market. They are outlined as follows: 1. Dietary Supplements 2. Immunotherapy Our business plan is twofold: 1. Produce and refine current product lines and develop them further, and 2. To focus on leveraging immunological processes to diagnose and intervene in niche areas of unmet medical needs. (Source:

I started by checking out their website and immediately clicked on the “Patents” link hoping to find the official patent number so I could search for it on Google or USPTO. For example, their most recent one was from October 8th, 2017 — Patent# 9,682,047. This is for their flagship product ProJuvenol.

I took a position here because the Market Cap is only around $15M and I felt revenue (or at least sales announcements) could start rolling in OR more progress in the FDA pathway. It sometimes doesn’t take much to go from $0.017 to $0.035+, for example.  That may be enough for me to take profit and move on or wait for a re-entry on a dip. Remember, the float here is only 70.3M of the near 883M Outstanding Shares. That’s why it has the ability to move quicker and easier.

Beleave Inc. (OTC QX: $BLEVF) is a biotech company focused on the production of medical marijuana in Canada. The Company’s wholly owned subsidiary, First Access Medical Inc., has received a license to cultivate medical marijuana at its facility pursuant to the Access to Cannabis for Medical Purposes Regulations outlined by Health Canada. The Company is actively working towards its sales license, the development of patents through research with Canadian institutions and the research and development of smoke harm reduction products. (Source:

Again, this alert was Tweeted out by the “Wolf of Weed Street” himself — the man behind If you look at the chart, you’ll see $BLEVF has bounced off the low $1.00 range up to the $1.25 area on July 2nd (2 days after it hit $1.00). Rewind into May 2018 and you’ll see it dipped to $0.94 on May 7th and bounced to $1.694 on May 18th — that’s about 80%. (P.S. I use Nasdaq Historical Stock Prices to see the highs, lows, etc. and then for percentage increase calculations.)

The nice thing about $BLEVF is they’re actually making things happen in Canada — where Marijuana is completely legal as of recently. Take a look at their News releases on — leasing 27 hectares of land ($2,700/month), selection of products for sale in Manitoba, $5M in non-brokered private placement financing, selection to operate Cannabis retail store in Saskatchewan, expansion of Medi-Green Cannabis Clinic in Ontario, etc. All since May 22nd, 2018.

Perhaps with a little patience Beleave will rise higher than their previous bounces. Though, it’ll be hard not to take profits when I’m up 50% from my $1.06 entry.

So, there you have it. Nothing Earth shattering in this blog. I just wanted to highlight a couple new companies I added positions for and lay out some extremely basic due diligence, as a lot of ‘traders’ I converse with online don’t do much of the basics even. I’m trying to help them change their ways and give examples of how easy it is to do 5 minutes of research before ‘investing’ $500 or $5,000 into a company simply because somebody on iHub or Twitter is saying, “Kaboom time is coming!”

Good luck. I wish you a profitable week.