Most of you saw the newspaper icon next to OWCP on iHub or elsewhere, but many seem to be intimidated by 8K’s and 10K’s, so they just wait for analysis from other iHub folks.  At first glance, yeah, I noticed they parted ways with their auditing/accounting firm and hired a new firm. Not a big deal as a whole. I, as a business owner, have changed accounting firms. It happens. (Though, technically we changed firms when we had a huge year as our current ‘CPA’ didn’t seem to be as savvy with business accounting as he was with preparing personal taxes.)

The reason I thought it was ‘blog-worthy’ to write about this change in accounting firms was to speculate as to what it might mean.

First of all, “Fahn Kanne & Co Grant Thornton Israel is the sixth-largest Certified Public Accounting firm in Israel. Our clients come from all sectors of the Israeli market – from not for profit to the highly competitive hi-tech. The firm employs a professional staff of 260, including 17 partners. Over the years, our teams have amassed extensive experience in the fields of auditing, tax and management advisory services, in both the academic and the business worlds.”

Furthermore, Grant Thornton has GLOBAL strength, as it is one of the world’s leading organizations of independent assurance, tax and advisory firms with $4.7 Billion in revenue. They have more than 40,000 professionals/employees, across more than 130 countries.

Is it possible they changed firms for geographical reasons?  Maybe.

Is it possible they changed to a larger, global firm because they’re on the verge of something large and global?  Also, maybe.

Considering all of the other progress and positive updates, I’m going with the latter.  I think it’s just one more sign that big things are coming and we should all brace ourselves for steady growth.  (Keyword being steady.  I’ve never suggested the share price will go from $0.176 to $1.76 in a month.)

This is my opinion.  I welcome yours in the comment section below or on Twitter — @OwnTheFloat.

P.S. Have you checked out  OWCP was the ‘Top Stock Pick of 2017’ for similar reasons I’ve posted here.