As more investors become aware of OWCP, I thought it’d be a good idea to write up a year end recap. After all, it’s been the opinion of virtually every shareholder (not flippers) that the BIG gains are coming in 2017. I really don’t know how anybody could dispute that. Why wouldn’t a Cannabis Pharmaceutical company have a rise in PPS after they start generating revenue? There are a handful of other Marijuana stocks that have seen tremendous gains and are still sitting at a really high (and overvalued) Market Value due to the hype they’ve received from certain ‘industry celebrities’ (via their own websites and Twitter).

Back on October 23rd, 2016, I e-mailed a certain ‘industry celeb’ and asked why OWCP wasn’t on his list. His reply was, “Lol.. I could give you 50 reasons”. I said, “OK?  I’d love to hear a couple.” He then replied, “I would start by looking at their debt holders.”

After having just read the latest 8K, I was confused. So, I pointed him to the latest 8-K that talked about no convertible debt whatsoever and the $300,000 non-interest bearing loan from MedMar.

His response, “Congrats. It’s going up like a rocket. Enjoy the profit.”

My conclusion:  He didn’t really have anything negative to say after all.  I will NOT be surprised if he comes around later on in 2017.  Again, why WOULDN’T he — or anyone else for that matter?

Why am I so confident in OWCP?  Here are 16 reasons from 2016!

  1. They’re OTC QB, not Pink Sheets.  If you don’t know why that matters, read the requirements to being OTC QB directly from  It’s a big step towards showing you’re a legit company not out to simply sell shares and line the Executives pockets.
  2. They only have 135M Outstanding Shares, not 2.3 BILLION like other highly pumped Marijuana stocks (which, for some insane reason, have Market Values beyond $100M as of writing this Blog — despite having virtually no revenue and multi-million dollar losses!)
  3. They’re not pushing out “fluff” PRs all the time. Instead, OWCP has been updating shareholders mostly via 8K’s. These 8K’s contain pretty solid updates too in regards to new investments, distribution deals, etc.  Click here to see the list of 8K’s released.
  4. No Toxic Debt!  A lot of OTC companies can only obtain financing through Convertible Notes, which are often referred to as Toxic Loans — because the debt holder sells shares at whatever level they can to get paid back.  It’s hard for a stock to surge when someone is cashing in on the Bid for weeks straight. You can read the FORM 8-K yourself. They talk about $300,000 of NON-INTEREST BEARING loan and specifically point out “Registrant has no convertible debt outstanding whatsoever.”  That’s huge.
  5. Real Doctors doing actual research and clinical trials in Israel, a place considered to be the Medical Marijuana Capital of the World. (See this report from CNN’s Dr. Sanjay Gupta — a YouTube video, which I had purposely start at 35:08 from this link.)
  6. lists OWCP’s “Study Record”, proving there really is an ongoing clinical trial of their Psoriasis Cream. This is dated the end of November.
  7. March 29th — They completed in-vitro testing on its formulation for multiple myeloma and is preparing to begin pre-clinical safety and efficacy studies on mice.
  8. They’re working with Emilia Cosmetics, one of Israel’s largest private label cosmetics manufacturers, to develop the Psoriasis cream (which should launch in Q2 of 2017).  By the way, some of Emilia’s clients include: Walmart, KMART, Walgreens, TEVA, Rite Aid, etc.
  9. September 30th — They announce a $300,000 (royalty) deal with MedMar to have product distributed in the USA.
  10. October 11th — They announced they’re in the Final Phase for Testing their Psoriasis Cream.
  11. October 20th — They announced that they’ve completed development of a Medical Cannabis Sublingual Tablet — a smoke-free alternative for those who cannot or don’t want to smoke.
  12. November 3rd — They announce a Joint Venture and Private Placement of $300,000 with Michepro Holding Ltd.  Michepro will promote, market, sell, and distribute OWCP products throughout Europe (for a 25% cut). and also allows Michepro to buy more shares at as much as $0.40/share in the future.  (What a frickin’ steal!  It’s MY OPINION, but I can just about guarantee OWCP shares will be worth quite a bit more than $0.40 by that point in time.)
  13. Industry EXPERT, Jeffrey Friedland, becomes an Advisory Board Member.  This man knows the Marijuana industry.  He’s actually the author of: “Marijuana: The World’s Most Misunderstood Plant
  14. They have signed three research collaboration agreements with Sheba Academic Medical Center, the largest hospital in Israel and in the Middle East.
  15. They have filed eight provisional patents with the United States Patent and Regulatory Office (USPTO), all related to its line of activity related to cannabis-based medical products.
  16. Though it didn’t take place in 2016, it’s still huge. TEVA, a 115 year old pharmaceutical company with over $20B in revenue, made an offer to purchase OWCP’s patents!  This leads me to believe there will be future offers as OWCP continues to advance their research and get closer to shipping products worldwide!

That’s a good start, right?  There are so many positive signs that OWCP is, in fact, going to be a multi-dollar (per share) stock in 2017.  It would be mind boggling if they don’t.  I’ve made previous comparison posts showing why OWCP is so much better than a handful of other over-hyped Marijuana stocks.  If OWCP simply caught up to the inflated values of those other guys, we’d be closer to $1.00 per share.

It’s fine though.  Most of us who can tolerate holding shares in a company for more than 30 days see the potential here. I’m confident a majority of OWCP shareholders have owned shares for beyond 90 days and will continue to own those shares for another 3 – 6 months.  Some will start to cash out and take BIG profits to pay for life’s many expenses, but, even they will regret not waiting another 6 months.  (That’s been my problem.  I’m going to be ridiculously giddy every day I see my Scottrade portfolio over $100,000 – considering I started with a fraction of that.  But, I’ll need to learn patience!  $1,000,000 will be 10X sweeter than $100,000.)

Reminder: This blog contains facts linked to verifiable news sources.  The only speculation you need to be aware of is what future share prices will be. That’s why YOU must decide when to buy, sell, or hold. Let the DD be your guide.