NXEN & OWCP: My ‘Conviction to Hold’

Before I begin, I feel it’s always important to point out I’m a shareholder of both NXEN and OWCP. In fact, most of my holdings are for more than a year (or two). I’m not offering investment advice and I have no intention…


NXEN: Acquisition of CRx Bio Holdings Brings MORE Great Management!

Disclaimer: I’m “long” on NXEN. I’ve owned shares for a while and have added as recent as last week (10/29/2018). As always, I haven’t been compensated in any way, shape, or form by anybody to write blogs or Tweet about companies — EVER.…


RDGL: Basic, Verifiable Due Diligence for Investors

Disclaimer: As always, I have not been compensated in any way, shape, or form to write this “blog” or Tweet about the company. I do admit to owning shares, which I bought at the end of September and added along the way. While…


NXEN: Highlights and Takeaways from Annual Report

As always, I’ll start with my disclaimer: I own shares of NTVA in which I purchased with my own money. At the time of writing this, I have no plans of selling shares, but that doesn’t mean I won’t sell some at any…


NXEN: Here’s Why I Invested in Nexien BioPharma

To start with another obvious disclaimer: I own shares in NTVA / NXEN, but I have not been compensated in any way, shape, or form to write this blog, Tweet, or “promote” in any way. As always, I’m writing a blog to relay…


OWCP: Chairman Letter to Shareholders on July 24, 2018

I’m simply going to copy/paste the official PR here and bold certain areas that I felt were interesting. To our Shareholders, The last period has been an important time for re-assessing our corporate strategy, consolidating our company and strengthening our abilities to execute…


OWCP: My Emotional, Financial Roller Coaster Thus Far!

Today OWCP reached a new 52-week Low at $0.182. It’s definitely possible tomorrow could be just as ugly. I don’t know why we’re seeing a rise in volume. I can only speculate it’s the “$5M investor” dumping some shares OR a couple of…


TSOI and BLEVF: Basic Due Diligence on New Positions for Swing Trade

After getting in and out of $AQXP within a couple of days ($2.71 to $2.88 personally), I saw Jason Spatafora bringing attention to $BLEVF, as it historically bounced around this range ($1.06 was my entry) to as much as 50% gains last time. Then,…


OWCP: The Due Diligence That Allowed Me To Be Patient

I’ve been relatively quiet about OWCP lately. Sure, I post about the news, but I haven’t offered much for due diligence or opinion lately. Honestly, I’ve just been content in waiting while I’ve been increasingly busy at ‘the day job’ as I help…


OWCP: $5 Million from Institutional Investor

According to a Form 8-K released on May 3rd, 2018, OWC Pharmaceutical Corp (OWCP) has received a $5 million investment from an Institutional Investor. On April 30, 2018, OWC Pharmaceutical Research Corp. (the “Registrant”) entered into and consummated a Securities Purchase Agreement (the “Agreement”)…