OWCP: April 4th 8K Highlights & Breakdown

After the trading day on Tuesday, April 4th, OWCP released a Form 8K to update it’s shareholders. As usual, there was more good news in which to reassure us all that the share price should absolutely keep rising to several dollars in the…


OWCP: My Thoughts Just Prior to April 2017

I was going to choose a grabby title that had you wondering if I sold or not, but I couldn’t bring myself to do it. No, I didn’t sell. Not a single share. In fact, quite the opposite. I actually added over 20,000…


VGID (V Group, Inc.) – Conference Call a Blockbuster, But Why The Sell-Off?

On March 20, at approximately 10:00 am PST, Larry “Buzzy” Twombly, the CEO and President of V GROUP, Inc. presented about a thirty-minute conference call for shareholders. By around 1:00 pm PST the stock lost about half its value by the close. Was…


OWCP: Highlighting the Efficacy Results 8-K

If you’ve already read the entire Form 8-K posted after hours on March 20th, this blog won’t really tell you anything new. The purpose of this blog is to break down and highlight the key words as many folks are intimidated by “big…


VGID (V Group, Inc.): Enters CBD Beverage Market and Schedules CC

V Group, Inc. (OTC PINK:VGID), is excited to announce; The Company has entered into an agreement with a leading developer and seller of CBD products to develop and market a high-quality line of CBD beverages. You can read the complete press release below.…


OWCP: Recap Before The Inevitable Boom!

OWCP (the day-to-day trading of stock, not “the company”) has taken us on a wild ride. OWCP closed today (March 8th) at $1.19 — a 63% drop since February 22nd’s new 52-week high of $3.23. To be honest, the spike to $3.23 was…


OWCP: Do Your DD and Know What You Own

If you’re an OWCP “Long” and survived the blood bath this week — Bravo! Congratulations! If you’re a Day Trader who Shorts or Flips (from last weeks $2.70+ to Friday’s lows of $1.06 – $1.40) — Congratulations to you as well! On the…


OWCP: March and April to Trigger AXIM-like Run?

Anybody who has followed OWCP since the initial buzz back in late September and early October knows they’ve had several BIG runs, followed by nearly as many big retraces/consolidation periods. It’s been normal and quite frankly, expected. Many will tell you it’s quite…


OWCP: IRB Approval? NIH Registry? Oh My!

The Form 8-K that was released after the market closed on Friday, February 24th, was ohhhhh, so beautiful. It’s really what many of us were waiting for – at least the IRB Approval part. I’ll be honest, I didn’t even know “NIH Registry”…


Trump Administration Comments on Marijuana are Good for Medical Sector

Some of iHub’s finest bashers took the opportunity to spin the news from yesterday about Sean Spicer saying he expects states to see ‘greater enforcement’ of marijuana laws. Why wouldn’t they? Their strategy is to be dishonest and scare people into selling, I…