As the OWCP longs wait for the next crazy run, I thought I’d dive in a bit and see what caused other biotechs to run hard. Stocks like AXIM, CNBX, GWPH, and NTRP to name a few.

Purely because of alphabetical order, let’s start with Axim Biotechnologies, Inc. (OTC QB: AXIM).

  • October 26th, AXIM opened at $0.49 and put out a PR about securing funding to continue clinical trials and closed at $0.80. On the 27th they hit a high of $2.00 and closed at $1.54. By October 31st, they hit a high of $6.00 and closed at $2.70.
  • November 16th, they announce “New U.S. Patent Allowance Granted”. They opened at $4.52, hit a high of $9.00, and closed at $6.56.
  • January 9th, they close at $10.30 but manage to climb to a $19.00 close by January 12th (increase of 3,777%) simply because they attended “Biotech Showcase” and J.P. Morgan Healthcare Conferences in San Francisco.
  • AXIM is currently trading at $12.01, which is a Market Value of $630 million and an increase of 2,351%.

AXIM is definitely more of a PR machine than OWCP ever has been, however. In between the big runs mentioned above, they keep dropping PRs like how they began a study, published a product pipeline chart, made a donation, filed an IP application, received medical committee approval (like IRB), new advisory board member, another advisory board member, then another advisory board member, and positive data results.

Now, let’s take a look at Cannabics Pharmaceuticals, Inc. (OTC QB: CNBX).

  • January 30th, CNBX closed at $0.79.
  • February 7th, there was a PR out to announce initial commercialization. They opened at $1.095 and closed at $1.33. Nothing crazy.
  • Between February 7th and the 23rd, there wasn’t any News — yet they ran to $7.60 on February 22nd (an increase of 862%) with huge volume — which is a Market Cap of $871.5 million. So much volume, in fact, that the company had to make a PR saying they’re aware of the increased volume but that nobody knows about any details that’s not public and they’ve not been paying for promotion. If you ask me, this is simply a time where there was industry hype. Remember, OWCP also ran up to $3.23 on the 22nd. AXIM didn’t run to a ridiculously high PPS, but their volume was higher than it’s been in a over a month.
  • CNBX is currently trading at $2.74, which is a Market Value of $314 million and an increase of 246%.

Next up is the ever famous GW Pharmaceuticals (NASDAQ: GWPH).

  • September 7th, 2016: GWPH announces they are presenting at the Morgan Stanley Global Healthcare Conference. They open at $84.14 and close at $104.03.
  • September 26th, 2016: GWPH announces second positive Phase 3 trial for their product. They open at $120.51 (a gap up from $107.56) and close at $126.06 for an increase of nearly 50%.
  • GWPH is currently trading at $116.145, which is a Market Value of around $2.92 BILLION — with under $14M in Revenue and (still) only ONE approved product.

Finally, we have Neurotrope, Inc. (NASDAQ: NTRP).

  • January 18th, NTRP saw a low of $6.52.
  • January 30th, they announced a licensing agreement a few days after announcing they were presenting at an Investor Conference, and run up to $11.99.
  • February 23rd, they run up to $20.50 for an increase of 214%. Again, around that AgroSphere ETF timeframe. Though, probably not related as they’re not included on that ETF, as they’re not even Medical Marijuana.

So, all of these other stocks seem to run big on the type of news/updates we’re expecting soon with OWCP. When you do the research and make these comparisons, it’s easy to see why I’m so confident OWCP can run BIG in the coming 15 – 45 days. The 8K just released last week makes it all so obvious. The thing is, AXIM and CNBX are a long ways from having products out. OWCP will have products on the market THIS YEAR — as soon as Quarter 3.

I feel bad for the good, honest people who sold at these ridiculously low prices because of paranoia and scare tactics used by people who want their shares. It’s a shame.

As usual, I welcome your comments or e-mails. I would LOVE to hear why OWCP is the exception and won’t run, run, run after they release their final, detailed study results… after they announce official patent approval… after they announce a new, big distribution deal and/or partnership with Big Pharma…

The sky is the limit. My only regret is adding so much in March when I could have bought twice as much this week. Oh well, I’ll still see beyond 100% gains in the near term and will be quite grateful.

OWCP will likely trickle down below $0.70 before the reversal begins. Obviously major announcements will turn a ‘technical reversal’ into a big, fat surge.

P.S. As I’m about to publish this (10:45 AM CST), OWCP is at $0.74 with nearly 2.5M shares traded.  That’s nearly $1.8 MILLION in volume. Some say, “Big sell off” — but remember, somebody has to be there to BUY any shares somebody wants to sell. It remains my honest opinion that smart, experienced investors see the obvious value and are gladly acquiring the shares of the impatient and paranoid.