I was going to choose a grabby title that had you wondering if I sold or not, but I couldn’t bring myself to do it. No, I didn’t sell. Not a single share. In fact, quite the opposite. I actually added over 20,000 shares throughout the month of March — all of which are in the Red right now. But, who cares?

Do I wish I had consulted my crystal ball so I could have waited until March 30th to buy them all? Obviously. But I’m not worried because I’m still just as confident in upwards of 200% gains again — soon. The reality is, I’m NOT a “day trader”. I have a full time day job and can’t sit and watch the market action. That’s why I’m grateful to have found a company like OWCP where I can invest and be patient knowing the future is bright.

I’m actually confused as to why anybody is less confident in the future of OWCP. Granted, most of you seem to be calm — you simply prefer Green days over Red days. Who doesn’t? (Other than Shorts, I suppose.)

Disclaimer: Because I don’t want to persuade anybody Buy or Hold, I simply want to sk yourself what changed at the company, with the research, or with the products that would prevent the stock from rising higher and higher again. Again, YOU have to decide for yourself. It’s your money, your investment, and your responsibility.

On March 8th, I wrote a blog to recap everything. I noted the stock price was $1.19 on that day. So, OWCP has been trading relatively sideways for most of March. Perhaps it’s a breather after a (premature and sudden) run to $3.23.

I’ve spoke to a handful of folks who sold some, half, or even most of their OWCP shares in the last few weeks. Their reasons were all the same: They simply feel OWCP won’t run again until April sometime when the company (hopefully, not for sure) will announce details on the Psoriasis Cream launch. As a result, they chose to cash out and put that money in other stocks that they felt would run big in the coming weeks. One friend specifically said, “I think (stock ticker) will go from $0.10 to $0.50 before OWCP’s next big run to $5.00.”  Another said, “I’m confident OWCP has a couple baggers left in her, but I wanted to dive into this other one in hopes of a 10 Bagger.” (If you’re not familiar with stock/trader lingo, a “Bagger” means 100% gains and therefore a 10 Bagger refers to 1,000% gains.)

So, even the people I know who sold some didn’t sell because they lost faith in OWCP’s future potential. They simply wanted to try and make even more money while OWCP cools off and takes a breather before the big, expected news starts rolling out.

So, What Has Changed?

As I suggested you ask yourself: What has changed in the last month or two that would take away from the future share price possibilities? In my opinion, based on the words in the various 8Ks — NOTHING.

In fact, in my opinion, things have gotten a little better and I’ve become more confident in what’s to come. As OWCP reported in their 8K from March 20th:

  • They said there were “promising preliminary results from the efficacy testing of its cannabinoid-based topical cream for treating psoriasis, reporting significant reduction of several inflammation markers specific to psoriasis.”
  • They confirmed once again that they “anticipate that the topical cream will be market-ready during 2017 Q2″
  • Furthermore, “the topical cream should be available for use by those who suffer from psoriasis in the near term.”
  • Dr. Yehuda Baruch, who has been treating patients with medical cannabis for more than two decades said, “I am truly excited by our success to date and, more importantly, I am thrilled to be part of a professional scientific study on humans that should actually validate what I have believed and experienced for yearsCannabis helps treat a multitude of health conditions.”
  • Dr. Sharon Rozenblat, PhD said, “After many years of being actively involved in research and development of innovative dermatological treatments and being exposed to the many scientific articles and peer reviewed works and publications regarding skin conditions and diseases, I would like to emphasize my personal belief that OWC’s psoriasis results have been indeed unique in the most positive sense.
  • Dr. Rozenblat continued in saying, “as a scientist I am extremely excited to be part of OWC’s study that appears to be a highly possible breakthrough that can improve the life of psoriasis patients and, possibly, patients with other skin conditions.

So, please, somebody tell me… What about that most recent 8K was negative? We know they extended the size and scope of the study and added two Advisory Board members since February. If they need a little extra time beyond March to release some more juicy details — I personally feel that’s acceptable. I’ve actually been watching the stock price less throughout the day because the price on March 15th or March 30th means nothing to somebody who invested in OWCP because of their pipeline.

Analogy: As a Lakers fan, let’s assume I have great tickets to see the Lakers at Staples Center in LA. I’m in my seat after having just bought my $10 beer, but I’m starting to get restless with shoot-arounds and wonder if I should just leave and head back to the hotel before the starting line-up even begins. OWCP’s “game” doesn’t truly start until their products are on the market, in my opinion. We’re just getting to the starting line-up in April.

This OWCP management team has been very good at delivering. They don’t pump us with fluff PRs and they aren’t concerned about the day-to-day share price at this point. Quite frankly, I’m sure it’s because they know with what’s coming and they know the share price will adjust accordingly and everyone will be happy. Heck, I’m sure they also don’t care about the day-to-day share price because they’re not financed with Convertible Notes (Toxic Debt) and they’re not selling any of their own shares.

Open The Pipeline!

Starting as soon as April 2017, there’s so much in the pipeline here. I know most of you know that and that’s why you bought shares within the last 6 months. You bought in anticipation of what was coming in April and beyond. Many of the shareholders I talk to have been saying they’re in it for what they expect by Fall/Winter 2017 and beyond. Some claim they’ll own shares for years to come.

That’s ultimately still my plan for selling. I absolutely want to wait until November before I even start to considering. If the first of the Topical Cream products are market ready by Quarter 2 and the Sublingual Tablet is market ready by Quarter 3, that means we should start seeing some revenue numbers being reported within Quarter 4. Plus, I’m still hopeful for an update on the Orphan Drug / FDA Fast Track Approval for Multiple Myeloma by Q4. This may just be wishful thinking, however.

Comparisons to GWPH and AXIM

GWPH has a single product that’s been approved (Sativex, which has a market potential of 1.2 million people worldwide) and just shy of $14 million in revenue, yet they’re steady around $3.25 billion market cap. When OWCP rises to $3.25 billion, that translates to $22.57 per share. The OTC is a wild place, so maybe $20/share can happen sooner than it makes sense. (Kind of like how $3.23 happened before it made sense.)

AXIM is currently sitting around $771 million ($13.36/share) but reached as much as $1.04 billion ($19.80) in 2017. They have little to no revenue and their first product isn’t even expected to be market ready until 2018/2019. When OWCP catches up to the current AXIM price, that translates to around $5.35 per share. When they run to AXIM’s current 52-week High, that’s $7.22.

Bottom Line

Again, using our product pipeline with the promising and positive words from OWCP Doctors and management and making real life comparisons to GWPH and AXIM, tell me why OWCP cannot or will not rise to $5 per share. It just wouldn’t make sense, would it?

The only way I can personally imagine OWCP not running to $5.00 (and beyond) is if we’ve been lied to or some REALLY stupid decisions are made going forward. (If we’ve been lied to, we’ll all come together and sue, obviously.)

If OWCP, ‘the company’ as a whole, continues to deliver what they’ve been promising for months and we don’t rise up — I will be so baffled, confused, and flabbergasted that I’ll probably never invest in stocks ever again.

I’ll just stick to real estate if the stock market proves to be that idiotic. Just sayin’.  😉

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