Good Morning everyone. I hope all your summer trading sessions are going well and that you’re also enjoying the weather and time with the family making memories. That is what life is really all about.

This is a follow up blog to my two favorite stocks to own long term – INMG & PAOG. I firmly believe both of these stocks have millionaire maker fundamentals with extraordinary visionary CEO’s that continue to deliver to shareholders without burying them in debt and liabilities that 99% of OTC /PINK stock typically do. Additionally, both have business models that tap into the hottest sector on the planet and should continue to be for years to come.

Lets dive right into INNOVATIV MEDIA (INMG) first. A lot has transpired since my initial blog on INMG, so lets get you up to date.  I will also share my feelings and opinions on what exactly is going on behind the scenes from my due diligence. The first thing you should all know about INMG is that they will have a dual presence at one of the biggest cannabis investor event ever taking place on Sept 1-2 in California. Here is a little about the event that you should know about this event.

MJAC2017 InvestorsHub International Cannabis Conference
MJAC is the premier cannabis conference for retail investors brought to you by InvestorsHub. A live two-day cannabis investing symposium with cannabis industry exhibitors, keynote and guest speakers, industry expert panels and educational workshops.
MJAC2017 will feature 50 prominent cannabis industry exhibitors along with guest speakers, industry expert panels and educational workshops. Exhibitors will get the opportunity to meet over 2000 qualified potential investors and market themselves on InvestorsHub. Join us at the JW Marriott Los Angeles L.A. Live, September 1st & 2nd 2017.

Additionally it was just released in a press release by IHUB that will be streaming LIVE from the MJAC. I will discuss why this is a big deal after the excerpt from the press release below.

“The contest, which is taking place during MJAC2017 ( – the premier cannabis event devoted to retail investors will enable companies to pitch their ideas and businesses to a panel of respected heavyweights of the cannabis industry. Attendees of the conference will be able to watch the event, which will also be live streamed by Innovativ Media Group, Inc. via its CannaNet.TV.”

Why is this a big deal?  This event will have 1000’s of Cannabis Investors/funds managers in attendance looking to put their money to work in companies within the cannabis sector. INMG will have a prominent position at this meeting in two exhibit booths in which one will be dedicated for Streaming LIVE & Demonstrating’s revenue generating platform and Content, and the other for the main company Innovativ Media Inc for investor relations. Additionally, there will be 50-100 cannabis related businesses and services there as well that are ALL potential customers for So, without question, INMG will benefit greatly from this event and I firmly believe the current prices will be long gone as we get closer to the meeting and afterwards as well the price of the stock should increase dramatically as more and more investors get a glimpse and see the potential in INMG.

Now, lets look at the other two press releases by INMG since my last update. They are both related to NIGHT FLIGHT in a content deal and the other being INMG taking a minority ownership in the company. NIGHT FLIGHT was the #1 watched late night tv series every weekend on the USA Network for about 8 years in the 80s and syndicated in the 90s as well. “Night Flight is an online visual-arts magazine and variety television show that originated on cable TV network USA Network. It originally aired from 1981 to 1988 before moving to syndication in the early 1990s. The show relaunched online on in 2015 with original episodes that can be streamed on the subscription channel Night Flight Plus. It includes a mix of mainstream and alternative music videos, artist interviews, B movies, documentaries, short films, stand up comedy, cartoons, and more.”

LOS ANGELES, CA – June 20, 2017 – InvestorsHub NewsWire – Innovativ Media Group, Inc. (OTCPK:INMG) (Company), a multi-media content producer and distributor, today announced it has entered into agreement with Night Flight, Inc. owner of Night Flight Plus, the iconic premium online streaming network based on the award winning 80s rock n roll TV series, to provide and program customized content for a branded sub-channel on CannaNet.TV, its new online, ad supported platform which will stream curated and original entertainment, informational and educational video content related to the Cannabis and CBD culture and industries.
The CannaNet.TV channel tentatively titled Night Flight High will program a broad range of exciting, targeted content, including music documentaries, exclusive interviews, nostalgic, cult, horror, animated films and TV series curated from Night Flights 4000 titles and 1000 interviews with such rock luminaries as AC/DC, David Bowie, Lou Reed, Ozzy Osbourne, Queen, Keith Richards and Grace Slick.
We cannot think of a better brand to bring on board CannaNet than Night Flight its blend of eclectic, dynamic, irreverent and unique high quality video entertainment, which continues to be enjoyed by millions of fans, will surely be embraced by our audience and community said Company CEO, Tom Coleman.
Stuart S. Shapiro, CEO of Night Flight, Inc. added: Our relationship with Innovativ Media is an excellent opportunity to expand the Night Flight brand and market our premium service Night Flight Plus .
CannaNet.TV is expected to launch in the 4th Quarter 2017.

Innovativ Media (INMG) Acquires Minority Stake in Night Flight -CannaNet.TV Programmer Takes Equity Position in Iconic Brand
LOS ANGELES, CA–(Marketwired – Jun 27, 2017) – Innovativ Media Group, Inc. (OTC PINK: INMG) (“Company”), a multi-media content producer and distributor, today announced it has purchased a minority equity interest in Night Flight, Inc. owner of ‘Night Flight Plus’, the iconic premium online streaming network based on the award winning 80s rock n’ roll TV series, and which is also a programmer of a branded sub-channel on CannaNet.TV, the Company’s new online, ad supported platform, scheduled to launch in the 4th Quarter, which will stream curated and original entertainment, informational and educational video content related to the Cannabis and CBD culture and industries.
The Company’s equity interest in Night Flight, Inc. was purchased with a combination of cash and through the issuance of restricted common shares of the Company’s stock and was completed on June 25, 2017.
“We believe that Night Flight is positioned to once again become the media taste maker for a new generation of fans seeking a unique and irreverent brand of premium entertainment not found anywhere else online,” said Company CEO, Tom Coleman.
Stuart S. Shapiro, CEO of Night Flight, Inc. said: “We welcome the investment by Innovativ Media Group, Inc. and appreciate its support and strong belief in the Night Flight mission.”

Here are the main points: Night Flight will provide content in several forms and have a feature program series called “Night Flight High.” Additonally, INMG became a minority stakeholder of Night Flight, and will be offering Night Flight Plus (the streaming service provided by Night Flight) through INMG’s streaming service, The acquisition was made through a combo of cash and shares that are restricted for 1 year. What is impressive and important to note here is that Night Flight Plus is available through Roku, Chromecast, Amazon Fire, and AppleTV. The fact that INMG is now having a minority ownership in Night Flight, the likelihood that INMG will have access to these mediums is extremely high.

Furthermore, if you check their social media/facebook, you will see that they have a very high following/audience and poster engagement on NIGHT FLIGHT. They have over 93,000 Facebook followers and the engagement level per facebook entry averages in the 500 to several 1000. This is huge exposure that INMG can tap into immediately with the upcoming launch on

Finally I would like to do a market cap comparison between some recent cannabis sector runners and why I believe INMG will surpass all of them based on share structure, financials, debt, liabilities, and revenue. Here is a quick view of INMG vs. AMFE, PNTV, & POTN with data provided on

Remember from my first blog, INMG has virtually no convertible debt, no toxic notes and almost $0 liabilities along with growing revs quarter over quarter for the last 6 quarters. That alone is very difficult to find a stock in this sector to invest in whether you are looking at the OTC, NYSE, or NASDAQ. There is no doubt the Ceo, Tom Coleman, is treating INMG like a big board stock. Now, the current market cap of INMG is under $3M. This is ridiculously low and undervalued for this sector. If you compare it to PNTV, AMFE, POTN, which all have had nice runs and have market caps between $30M in POTN and over $80M for AMFE and POTN. See data below taken off Additionally, if you look at the current liabilities /debt of these companies you will find that they the millions of dollars in debt vs. INMG which is virtually zero.

A PPS of about .40 would put INMG market cap INLINE with 2 of the companies below.

INMG Security Details
Share Structure
Market Value1 $2,720,696 a/o Aug 01, 2017
Authorized Shares 500,000,000 a/o Jun 28, 2017
Outstanding Shares 226,724,670 a/o Jun 28, 2017
Float 107,111,602 a/o Jun 28, 2017

AMFE Security Details
Share Structure
Market Value1 $83,405,608 a/o Aug 01, 2017
Authorized Shares 900,000,000 a/o Jul 01, 2017
Outstanding Shares 473,895,499 a/o Jul 01, 2017
Float 266,034,139 a/o Jul 01, 2017

PNTV Security Details
Share Structure
Market Value1 $84,900,707 a/o Aug 01, 2017
Authorized Shares 1,200,000,000 a/o Jul 31, 2017
Outstanding Shares 561,995,813 a/o Jul 31, 2017
Float 148,960,672 a/o May 12, 2015   (Outdated. Float is higher)

POTN Security Details
Share Structure
Market Value1 $30,937,927 a/o Aug 01, 2017
Authorized Shares 1,000,000,000 a/o Mar 31, 2017
Outstanding Shares 484,920,485 a/o Mar 31, 2017

So, in summary, I believe INMG will begin to its ascent north in the coming days and weeks as we come closer to the MJAC2017 and eventually the Official Launch The man behind the helm is a very well season Hollywood Executive Producer whose visions in the past have made him quite famous in the movie industry. He has an abundance of connections in Hollywood in the form celebrities, actors, and people behind all the media circles. is a ground floor opportunity in what I would compare to it being the MTV of the Cannabis Industry & Culture. There is a definitive need for cannabis related companies whether medicinal, recreational, research, service orientated or just pure entertainment to have a vehicle or platform to advertise on. INNOVATIV MEDIA’s (INMG) is ready to cash in on this growing need and at the same time give the world a branded streaming network channel full of content specifically designed for the Cannabis culture from Medicinal To Recreational and from Educational to Entertainment with LIVE STREAMING NEWS & CONTENT all specific to the Cannabis Industry. 

Ok. Lets take a look at the very first company I ever blogged on in PAOG (formerly NWAV). This stock is another company that I fell is extremely undervalued like INMG. Alternative Medicine Centers of America is growing rapidly with 5 corporate owned centers and 3 affiliate centers open for business now in Ohio and Florida. Additionally, the recently announced they are looking to expand nationwide in markets where state laws and legalities permit.

Here is the latest press release:

PAO Group, Inc. Announces Profitable Q2, New Corporate Location Openings
and Expands Staffing Agreement with Physicians Group
Sandusky, OH — July 31, 2017 — InvestorsHub NewsWire — PAO Group, Inc. (OTC: PAOG) a physicians practice management company focused on the proper use of cannabis for treatment of chronic and terminal patients, announces today that the Company’s Q2 Financials as posted on OTC Markets demonstrate profitability and positive cash flow with a quarter to quarter uptrend since the merger last year.

We are very pleased with the Company’s performance over the last year. Q2 was especially exciting because we are now not only increasing our revenues in line with expansion of operations, but our net cash flow is also net positive and we anticipate the uptrend in profitability to continue as we grow, states CEO Robert Weber.

PAO Group is thrilled to announce that its Alternative Medicine Centers of America has opened its Parma/Cleveland location and it is now fully operational and booking appointments. In addition to the recently announced, Corporate locations in Dayton and Toledo, Ohio, PAO is planning for additional subsequent Corporate locations in Columbus and Akron-Canton, Ohio.

We are well ahead of our timeline goals in Ohio which has allowed us to be equally assertive with efforts in Florida. We have just signed a Letter of Intent with the Physicians Group working with us in Toledo, Dayton and Parma/Cleveland, for a location in Daytona, Florida. This is just days after a fully executed agreement with the group to staff our locations in St. Augustine, Jacksonville and Palm Beach County, Florida. All locations will be Corporate owned Alternative Medicine Centers of America. We are also looking at additional sites for locations in Central and South Florida.

Executives have also been conducting due diligence on opportunities in other states. Key executives have been scouting nationwide toward breaking ground on new Corporate locations in the near future. CEO Robert Weber was in Los Angeles, California last week and Director of Operations Arthur Hall has recently returned from a visit to Michigan with VP of Operations, Christopher Will.

Visit our website at: www.PAO.Group
Contact us: [email protected] or 1-888-PAO-Group
“Like” and “Share” PAO Group on Facebook /paogroupinc
and follow us on [email protected]

So lets have a look at the current numbers. PAOG revenues and cash flow are growing faster than expected and in Q2, $165,000 in revenue was reported with only a few centers operational at the time which amounted to about $20,000 in net income from services provided in the 3 months ending June 2017. This numbers I feel are stellar and bode well moving forward for the Q3/4 and into 2018.

If we look at the share structure in PAOG the AS has remained the same at 985M and the OS has gone up slightly to 710M and has a float of 498M. All these numbers are up to date from recently filings listed on the link above. The company does have some convertible debt and promissory notes that add up to about $1.9M in liabilities. In my opinion, this is fully acceptable in the midst of the rapid expansion of 8 operational centers in less than 6 months. At the rate PAOG is growing revenue, the company should catch up to negate liability debt and make stockholder equity a positive number by the end of the year or early 2018. Also, lets not forget this alternative medicine industry is exploding exponentially on the growth side and PAOG is poised to cash in on it by branding its Alternative Medicine Centers of America as the place to go for alternative healthcare. Below is a listing of the current operational clinics in Florida & Ohio:

Corporate Owned Locations:
1. Sandusky, Ohio
2. Toledo, Ohio
3. Dayton, Ohio
4. Parma, Ohio
5. St. Augustine, Florida

Affiliate Locations:
6. Orange Park, Florida
7. Jacksonville Beach, Florida
8. Ft. Lauderdale, Florida

In summary, there is no question PAOG is growing rapidly and is poised to be the branded name in the booming alternative healthcare space. Again, like INMG, PAOG is a ground floor opportunity to invest on a CEO’s VISION within a sector where there is a definitive need for their service that is very profitable. As these two CEO’s execute their visions and plans, and so far they have both done a stellar and measurable job, the share prices should and will respond accordingly. INMG & PAOG are two long term stocks that should continue to appreciate in price for the foreseeable future and in my opinion must haves in your portfolio.

*As always please do your own due diligence before you invest in any stock. This blog is biased on my opinions with factual links provided.