Is There a Green “Wedding/Weeding” Coming for NWAV & RSII?
by Paul George Feb. 21, 2017

Green “Wedding or Weeding” either or, we could be getting some very good news soon on RSII (Rising India, Inc,) and its connection with NWAV (New Wave Holdings/PAO Group, Inc.)

This installment is a follow up to my blog installment from Feb. 7, 2017 on NWAV. In that blog, we discussed the PAO Group, Inc. merging into the NWAV shell and their new management team & strategy moving forward. The PAO Group, Inc. is launching 6 clinics between February and April and over 10 more scheduled in 2017 under their “umbrella franchise” name Alternative Medicine Centers of America. These clinics will be focused on ‘non-traditional’ patient care solutions featuring medicinal cannabis and hormonal replacement therapies as well as others treatments in acupuncture, chiropractic, biofeedback, and other solutions depending upon patient needs.

Since my blog on February 7, the price of NWAV has gone from around .005 to closing today at .017. The stock has a lot of momentum with numerous catalysts fueling the run and there are many “tba” as per the company via social media, their website, and recent press releases. We still feel this NWAV is a strong buy.

Now, there may be another company/ticker entering the picture with NWAV after some recent press releases and social media announcements. Thorough these press releases and social media announcements we have learned that both NWAV and RSII have the same management teams in the CEO and CFO. Lets look at the evidence:

Rising India Inc. (RSII) Announced Today it is going to enter the $6.5 Billion Cannabis Industry

NEW YORK, NY–(Marketwired – Feb 15, 2017) – Rising India Inc. (OTC: RSII) announced that the company is targeting opportunities in the cannabis industry. The company is in active negotiations to reach a Letter of Intent with business operators that are currently active in the cannabis industry.

“Our team has met with business operators that have real experience and expertise in multiple states and several business verticals within the cannabis industry,” commented Management. “The business focus will center on working with physicians and pharmacists groups on the Research and Development of new, cutting edge treatments within the medical cannabis industry. Shareholders are encouraged to stay tuned to upcoming press releases and social media updates, where a detailed plan for RSII’s entrance into this sector will be outlined.”

“Approximately 24 states have legalized Medical Cannabis use and 8 states have legalized recreational use. In California alone, current revenue estimates for the California cannabis industry are projected to increase to over $6.5 billion in 2020, creating a compelling opportunity for RSII’s shareholders,” concluded the company.
California medical and recreational industry is projected to reach $6.5 billion in revenue by 2020, up from $2.8 billion in 2015. The nation’s legal cannabis industry is expected to climb to $23 billion in 2020, up from $5.7 billion in 2015. The state of Colorado recently reported 2016 revenues of $1.3 billion and tax revenues of $200 million. Recently, 27 US congressmen, both Republican and Democrat, have introduced a new law known as, “Respect the State Marijuana Laws Act,” prohibiting federal prosecution for business in compliance with state law. This bill would provide formal legislation of the current US policy.
For more information on California Cannabis law see:
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Update on new business opportunity coming tomorrow! ‪ ‬

Update on new business opportunity coming tomorrow!

Rising India, Inc. 发布于 2017年2月21日

PAO Group $NWAV‏‪@PAOgroup‬ ‬Feb 14‪$NWAV‬‪ $RSII – Businesses would be mutually enhancing, yet totally separate entities. Stay Tuned!!‬‬

Rising India, Inc.‏‪@RisingIndiaUSA‬ ‬Feb 14
‪$RSII‬‪ and $NWAV – Businesses would be mutually enhancing, yet totally separate entities. Stay Tuned!!‬‬

So, what we have here is RSII declaring they are entering the medicinal cannabis sector looking to acquire or take some sort interest in a company in this sector. Apparently, there is going to be an announcement/update on the LOI, (Letter of Intent) from the press release on February 15, 2017. This message was delivered and confirmed by the CEO of NWAV, Robert Weber. Now, you may ask why does Robert Weber have to do with RSII? As it turns out, the CFO/CEO/Board Members of NWAV are the same as in RSII. This is could get real interesting now, because there is speculation as per this press release that RSII is going to not only by the supplier of medicinal cannabis forms to NWAV (Alternative Medicine Centers of America), but even on a larger scope in research and development on new cutting edge treatments within the medical cannabis industry.

Here is the quote from the PR:

“The business focus will center on working with physicians and pharmacists groups on the Research and Development of new, cutting edge treatments within the medical cannabis industry.

Now, lets turn to the share structure of RSII. As per OTC Markets, RSII has an Authorized Share Count of 500M with 423M issued and outstanding. The float is listed at 158M free tradable shares. Additionally, after examining the latest filings the OS was reduced from 472M in 2015 to 423M in 2016. The current market cap as February 21, 2017 is about $3M, which is extremely low valuation if indeed they become a legitimate medicinal cannabis stock in this sector.

Lets compare some same sector medicinal cannabis floats and current PPS:

OWCP – $2.09 with a market cap approx. $275,000,000 with a float about 134M
MJNA – $ .14 with a market cap approx. $425,000,000 with a float said to be in the Billions.
RSII – $.0074 with a market cap approx. $3,000,000 with a float about 158M
NWAV- $.017 with a market cap approx. $10,000,000 with a float about 400M

*As you can see the floats of RSII & OWCP are similar, but there is a large discrepancy in the valuations and price per share. There could be tremendous hidden value in RSII, but we don’t know that yet till the company lets us know.

So, I guess we will have to wait and see what the company has in store for shareholders hopefully tomorrow for both RSII and NWAV. We may be calling them both severely undervalued if we get a press release tomorrow showing they are able to close on the LOI business mentioned in strategy above. If that’s the case, it would be a “Green Weeding “ indeed for both RSII & NWAV.

Lastly, I just wanted to touch on what we have now entered – MJ SEASON. You can throw all technicals and charts out the windows. It’s the cannabis season and it’s the beginning of the second Ganja Rush, similar to the first one in 2014. Except this Ganja Rush will be bigger and more on-going than the first one. This is because a number of states have now legalized MJ in some form. In 2014 it was largely about Colorado, this time around it encompasses many more states including California. CA is huge, it’s the sixth largest economy in the world, its economy is larger than the economy of India or Brazil.

Technical goes out the window. Its about demand and supply, when the float is tightly held, PPS could really go nuts. Anyone remember how the valuations went insane in 2014 during the first MJ rush, regardless of RSI or technicals. It’s just the simple laws of supply and demand.

Now Jeff Sessions saying he doesn’t see the Fed getting involved in the MJ use. Basically leaving the matter to the states.

With the Cannabis Congress Caucus formed and the new ETF for MJ, the sector is just getting started for an epic run, larger than the one in 2014.

As we all know, there are inconsistencies of MJ policies/regulations/laws between the Fed and the state level. This is not tenable. The congressional cannabis caucus will look into these inconsistencies and will attempt to address them.

The removal of cannabis from Schedule 1 of the controlled substance could be one critical area the committee might look into and could make suggestions for way forward.

All in all, the MJ sector is going to see big explosive growth in the coming weeks/months imo, in particular the medical MJ companies that are working on finding cure/treatment for many ailments may experience a greater positive impact.