I wrote about this back in early October, but not all my readers are looking back at old posts. So, as we’re only 3 – 4 months away from a Psoriasis Cream product launch — I wanted to bring the market potential for the products OWCP has been working on.  Several of which could be selling globally by the end of 2017.

Market Potential for Products:

So, as I’ve pointed out – a handful of Cannabis/Marijuana companies with billions of Outstanding Shares, generating little or no revenue, posting annual losses, and who are still being financed with (Toxic) Convertible Notes achieving a Market Value of $115M all the way to $424M (for a company with $2.1M revenue, but still with billions of shares)… Why on God’s green Earth would OWCP not climb to dollars per share? (Note: $2/share is a $280M Market Value)

OWCP could be in the same conversation as GWPH by the end of 2017.  NO!  I’m not necessarily saying they’ll climb to a $3B market value in 12 months.  But, gradually, they could keep climbing towards that value beyond 2017.

If you disagree based on any facts, feel free and comment below.  🙂