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INMG: to Make Historic Network Launch in the Cannabis Space

Hello everyone, I hope everyone has a wonderful Thanksgiving with their families and love ones. Its been a few months since my last blog on Innovativ Media Group, (INMG) but as we approach the worldwide launch of the first Cannabis Network/Channel on Nov.…


INMG and PAOG: Both Positioned to Rally into the End of 2017 & Beyond

Good Morning everyone. I hope all your summer trading sessions are going well and that you’re also enjoying the weather and time with the family making memories. That is what life is really all about. This is a follow up blog to my…


NUUU: It’s a ‘NUUU’ Day For Rejuvel Bio-Sciences, Inc.

Let me bring to your attention an extremely undervalued and undiscovered triple zero stock with a relatively low float that has been getting eaten up by recent investors in the market this week-Rejuval Bio-Sciences, Inc. (NUUU) is currently trading at .0005/6.  I feel…


INMG: Innovativ Media Group Prepares for World Wide Launch of CANNANET.TV

Hello everyone. This evening I’m going to do a follow up on my initial coverage of Innovativ Media Group, Inc. (INMG). Much has transpired since my initial blog report on April 12. First, lets take a look at the most recent share structure…


INMG (Innovativ Media Group, Inc.): Enters Cannabis Culture/Industry

Hello everyone. I have real low floater that produced NEWS today and hit my radar for the first time-Innovativ Media Group, Inc. (INMG). This company just acquired CannaNet.TV, an online, ad supported channel that will stream curated and original entertainment, informational and educational…


VGID (V Group, Inc.) – Conference Call a Blockbuster, But Why The Sell-Off?

On March 20, at approximately 10:00 am PST, Larry “Buzzy” Twombly, the CEO and President of V GROUP, Inc. presented about a thirty-minute conference call for shareholders. By around 1:00 pm PST the stock lost about half its value by the close. Was…


VGID (V Group, Inc.): Enters CBD Beverage Market and Schedules CC

V Group, Inc. (OTC PINK:VGID), is excited to announce; The Company has entered into an agreement with a leading developer and seller of CBD products to develop and market a high-quality line of CBD beverages. You can read the complete press release below.…


Is There a Green “Wedding/Weeding” Coming for NWAV & RSII?

Is There a Green “Wedding/Weeding” Coming for NWAV & RSII? by Paul George Feb. 21, 2017 Green “Wedding or Weeding” either or, we could be getting some very good news soon on RSII (Rising India, Inc,) and its connection with NWAV (New Wave…


NWAV: Medical Cannabis Sub-Penny Alert! Could it run like OWCP?

Looking for a medical cannabis sector related stock to play the hot medical cannabis sector? Look no further, because I have a company for you that is going to be grabbing a lot of attention in 2017. The PAO Group was a private…