OWCP released an 8K Filing bright and early on June 8th. It was short and sweet:

The Registrant has determined to evaluate the potential benefits of cross listing its shares of common stock, currently subject to quotation on the OTCQB: OWCP, for listing on a Canadian stock exchange, such as the Toronto Stock Exchange, among others. We believe that cross listing may improve the Registrant’s access to capital and liquidity. To this end, the Registrant has agreed to engage a major national Canadian law firm with specific expertise in venture capital markets to assist us in achieving a listing on a Canadian exchange.

Some of you aren’t sure if you should be excited, neutral, or worried. It’s my OPINION that this could be a positive thing. For starters, giving even more global investors easier access to buy shares in your company is a plus. In fact, just some anecdotal evidence from personal observations — many of the investors I exchanged e-mails with or saw posting on message boards or Twitter were from Canada.

This shouldn’t be a huge surprise, however, since Canada did legalize recreational Marijuana (expected to start July 1, 2018) and has had regulated Medical Cannabis since 2001.

With a GDP of $1.672 trillion (15th in the World), Canada is home to more than 35 million people (38th in the World). While there may already be dozens of Canadian investors who own shares in OWCP, it’s my opinion that being listed on a Canadian exchange would entice even more to buy shares of OWCP using their own currency, for example.

Now, keep in mind, the 8K did also says “among others” at the end of the sentence about listing on a Canadian stock exchange. In other words, it COULD mean they’re also considering listing on the Frankfurt or maybe a European exchange — which also makes sense considering they’re clearly going to start distribution/sales in Germany, Europe, etc. But, based on legalization — I would suspect Canada could have access to OWCP’s products before the United States.

For what it’s worth, I’ve been a technology guy for more than half my life and I owned a tech business for the last 16+ years. I’ve been an exclusive Lenovo Partner and had been interested in buying some of their stock, but because they’re not traded on a US Exchange — I never did.

I absolutely admit that I’m not an expert on cross-listing stocks or the stock market in general. Again, it’s simply my opinion that this is more of a positive than a negative — which is ultimately why OWCP is considering it, I’m sure. Your comments are always welcome below.

P.S. I can’t wait for more updates from the company over the next month or two. OWCP could really start to heat up again for summer.