Today’s method of communicating & socializing with people has become more diverse than ever before  – There’s texting, e-mail, Twitter, FaceTime, Instagram, Skype, Snapchat, Foursquare, Yelp, Messenger, Play Store, Google, Yahoo, Chrome, Facebook, LinkedIn, Groupon and oh yes, the telephone.

There are forums, blogs, dating sites, video conferences,  audio conferences, chat rooms, VoIP, live support, instant messaging, uploading pictures, downloading pictures and even posting pictures and when you add it all up, you have a cauldron of possibilities for opening up your devices to trouble.


Back in the day when we only used phone and fax – life was simple. The worse thing that happened back then was a busy signal or we’d dial a wrong number. Then we added beepers and we became mobile. Then came the cell phone and we became distracted drivers.


Now, we are more connected than ever. And it’s all because of one thing – Call it whatever you want –
The age of the Internet, The digital revolution, The Internet of Things (IoT).

Regardless of what you call it, digital technology is now interacting with most every facet of our lives. From social interaction, online banking, paying bills, online shopping, managing your healthcare, managing your business, investing in stocks, buying tickets to a movie, play, concert or sporting event, finding a restaurant, turning on the house lights just before you get home, turning on the watering system for your front yard and another million ways where the internet helps us or in some case hinders our lives. Let’s not forget about the best feature of all being our ability to stay in touch with our kids, family members and loved ones when we are not with them.


As we move forward, we must understand we are now living in a world where we have choices – many choices – sometimes too many. The simple fact is there are now multiple ways to communicate and they all involve digital technology, except the traditional face to face.

In this new digital age, we must adapt or die. We must adopt new strategies and manage new risk principles. Our approach to communicating with others has to consider this new reality. As silent as digital is, this form of communicating has huge risks associated with it – and these risks must be understood. You must realize that every time you CONNECT WITH SOMEONE USING DIGITAL TECHNOLOGY, you take an enormous risk of gigantic proportions.

This technology will continue to evolve, and so will the ways in which we reach out and touch someone, “digitally speaking”. Every time we answer a call, receive an email, open an attachment, join a video conference, or tweet, we incur this very real risk. Now, let me be clear here – I am not suggesting you stop using digital technology. What I am saying is you need to start playing some real defense when you do.


We are NOW facing the biggest challenge we have ever faced as a society. When I say we, I mean every decent person on the planet. You must engage in combating this challenge and you need to understand why. There is a global war raging – right this minute – and the battleground is right there in the palm of your hand or sitting on your desk top. This is a global problem that affects everyone. We have seen the proof from past attacks and we still see the evidence of it every single day. From 9/11 to the Boston Marathon bombing to the senseless attacks in Paris, Orlando, Manchester, London, California and so many others – it knows no geographical or societal bounds.

The fact is there is a group of people who are evil and sinister and are out to hurt the rest of us. They include Internet trolls, hackers and Islamic Radical Terrorists. These small but deadly groups feel as though they can wreck havoc on society whenever and wherever they want. And up until now, the only reason they have been able to coordinate such horror is because we, as owners and managers of the communication systems they use to schedule, infiltrate and finance their brutal attacks have gone unmonitored. Until now – Until Ecrypt One from Bravatek!

These hackers, cyber terrorists, radical terrorists, Internet trolls and other forms of evil are out there in cyber space every day looking for open doors to enter into and steal your files, steal your identity and in some cases take your life.


Your phone, your tablet, your desktop, and your laptop are now at the center of this new war called “cyber terrorism”. This  battleground for world superiority is being led by these 3rd world groups of cyber thugs who are hoping to gain control over your device and wreck havoc by stealing your identity and take your funds, and in the process, destroy your health and well being.

If you take away only one thing from this article it is this: “Ground zero” of this new cyber war that is being waged across the globe is sitting right in the palm of your hand and sitting right on top of your desk. It is now up to each and every one of us to work together and stop it!

Every time you open up an email, log onto Facebook, receive a text, turn on a video conferencing system, click on a link delivered to you from a Tweet, click that tab that says LEARN MORE or ACCESS NOW or perform any other action that includes accepting information from an unknown source, you roll the dice, you pick what’s behind Door number three, you buy a lotto ticket, you cross your fingers and hope when you press that button that reads OPEN or SEND or ACCEPT,  you will not get a virus, encounter mal-ware, become a victim of phishing, receive spam, get hacked, download a spider or get your identity stolen . . .


Until now, hackers have had a field day with exploring and sometimes pirating our systems. Yes we have seen the hackers attack our systems even behind the security of firewalls and passwords and whatever else the IT industry has tried to put out there in an attempt to defend our data files against some of the smartest criminal minds in cyber space.

On the other hand, we have been so trusting and so willing to accept anything thrown our way over the past 20 years if it sounded like it could help keep our data safe. Many of our IT experts have even promoted using a Russian based anti-virus software program put out by leading Russian programmers in a little thing called Kaspersky.

So while this supposed anti-virus software program is highly rated, just like the several dozen others that look and act just like it, we basically have given these potential adversaries the “keys to the castle” – in this case free access to our hard drives, mobile devices, and corporate servers and then we are surprised when someone steals our identity, pirates our corporate files,  or worse yet, uses our data and communication networks to carry out mindless, senseless acts of terrorism on innocent victims like they have done so many times before.

That is until now. BRAVATEK stands at the gate of this new frontier with a suite of cyber security solutions determined to turn the tide and stop these hackers and terrorists by launching Ecrypt One on a nation-wide basis.

Ecrypt One is a high tech cyber security software email solution that does everything you need your cyber defense system to do to secure your data, protect your files and make your networks impenetrable.

Ecrypt One is excellent at screening data, tracking network activity and putting an end to this free access to our privately owned Internet, Data and Voice networks. Remember, it is this free and un-monitored access of our high tech interstates that have allowed these harmful individuals to spread their sick and demented methodology. Bravatek aims to stop this type of destructive roaming. Ecrypt One will secure these communication highways and keep these sick methodologies in the caves where they originated.

It is clearly up to us! The owners of hand held devices, high tech phone companies, internet companies, and cable companies must put a stop to this insanity that allows free and undeterred access. As of now, this social experiment is officially over.

Bravatek has moved its efforts to the forefront of the war on cyber terror with the development of the best cyber defense system ever created. With Ecrypt One software, our wholly owned Viking Telecom Services Group, and our seven Marketing Alliance Partners (MAPs), we are now capable of monitoring all digital traffic that goes through our cell towers and the cell towers we manage on behalf of other companies. Ecrypt One also monitors all data traveling through our relay stations, our managed data networks and our managed email servers.

Talk about wall-to-wall coverage, Bravatek delivers a defense that is fully secure. Bravatek has finally put together the team, the software, the services and the tools and now that the financials are in order, Bravatek management has cleared the way to make this Cyber Defense System a reality.

With the ongoing development of their nation-wide sales and service team, their goal is to have everyone pass through Bravatek’s Gatekeeper Cyber Security Protection System featuring Ecrypt One software.


Ecrypt One is a patent-pending software program in the cyber security space. Over the past two years, Ecrypt One has evolved  and has become the best cyber defense program anywhere in existence.

If your organization is looking to move forward in its pro-active cyber defense of its valuable data files, server environment and protect all of its associated emails and attachments, choose Ecrypt One.

Ecrypt One is a full replacement for your existing email server/service. With its security-first design, Ecrypt One will allow you to take back control of your messaging system and protect the valuable data that flows through it.

Ecrypt One starts by Blacklisting the Internet, then white-listing only those you trust. This eliminates common attack vectors such as phishing.

Bravatek offers a completely supervised installation process so you can be assured it is activated properly.

Once the installation is complete, you can rest assured your files, your server and your email process will be free from virus, mal-ware, phishing, spam, and theft.


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