In case you were still somehow on the fence about OWCP’s destiny, I wanted to take a moment to highlight how huge of an asset I feel Jeffrey Friedland is to OWCP as an Advisory Board Member.

Mr. Friedland is an emerging market pioneer and thought leader. His firm, Friedland Global Capital, was one of the first American investment banks to establish a presence in China, and he can now be found on the forefront of the cannabis movement, where is activities include:

  • CEO of INTIVA Inc., a multi-faceted life sciences company with a focus on the worldwide legal cannabis industry. INTIVA has established operating businesses and made venture investments in the cannabis industry in California, Colorado, Canada and Israel.
  • He is an owner of two retail cannabis stores in Colorado, which are located in the mountain resort towns of Breckenridge and Crested Butte, and a cannabis cultivation facility located south of Steamboat Springs, which was featured in CNN’s 2015 reality series, High Profits.
  • He recently spoke in Las Vegas at the Las Vegas Medical Marijuana Association luncheon, was part of a Bloomberg Intelligence event in New York City, and will also speak about his Publicly Traded investments at the AFund Special Situations Investment Conference on November 30th at New York’s Princeton Club.

If you’re not impressed… Consider me baffled.

It’s just one more thing that goes to prove that OWCP is not your typical OTC share selling operation.  I’ll remind you:  Low share structure (a fraction of other Marijuana stocks), NO TOXIC DEBT (Convertible Notes), non-interest bearing financing, real pharmaceutical research with clinic trials, real Doctors on-staff, distribution joint ventures, etc.

When products start being sold in early 2017, OWCP should be forever out of Quarter land, let alone Dime land.  With only 135.5 million Outstanding Shares, we’re destined for Dollar land, in my opinion.  Not necessarily right away.  Granted, I’m still dreaming of the $8/share buyout by Big Pharma.  (That’s a Market Value of a hair over $1 Billion — which is 1/3rd the current Market Cap of GWPH.)

So, consider me a fan.  Mr. Friedland is obviously an expert, a veteran, and an asset.  I’m willing to bet he wouldn’t waste his time and energy on an OTC venture if he didn’t have faith in the future of it.